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A description of 2017-7229: Vaultive O365 Content-Type Mangling


Vaultive O365 Content-Type Mangling

PGP/MIME encrypted messages injected into a Vaultive O365 frontend via IMAP or SMTP have their Content-Type changed from:

Content-Type: multipart/encrypted; protocol="application/pgp-encrypted"; boundary="abc123abc123"


Content-Type: text/plain

This results in the encrypted message being structured in such a way that most PGP/MIME-capable mail user agents are unable to decrypt it cleanly.

The outcome is that encrypted mail passing through this device does not work (Denial of Service), and a common real-world consequence is a request to send re-send the mail in the clear (Information Disclosure).

Additional Information

Vaultive has acknowledged the issue and fixed this in version 4.5.21

Vulnerability Type

CWE-222: Truncation of Security-relevant Information

Vendor of Product


Affected Product Code Base

Vaultive Office 365 Security - version 4.5.19

Affected Component

IMAP and SMTP interfaces to Vaultive O365 Security (other interfaces untested)


  • Denial of Service
  • Information Disclosure

Attack Vectors

The vulnerability is triggered by anyone sending PGP/MIME encrypted mail through a Vaultive appliance


Daniel Kahn Gillmor, ACLU

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