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Created January 28, 2020 15:12
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Phabricator - Changing your email address
Phabricator - Changing your email address
This how-to describes how someone can change their email address using the Settings section of Phabricator.
Step-by-step guide
1. Login to Phabricator with your BMO account.
2. Click on the dropdown at the top right which is your avatar icon or first initial.
3. Click Settings from the menu.
4. Click Email Addresses from the left side menu.
5. Click on Add New Address, enter your new desired email address, and click Save.
6. A Verification Email Sent has been sent to the new address.
7. Click on the link in the email and click Verify for the new email address.
8. Click Continue to Phabricator.
9. Return to the Settings page and click Email Addresses.
10. You need to click on Make Primary for the new email address to make it the new default.
11. Confirm the action by clicking on Change Primary Address.
12. Now you can click Remove for the old address that is no longer needed.
13. Verify the action and you are done.
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