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Dylan T. dktapps

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Deserializing old items in world saves

Classic items (MCPE <= 1.5, PM <= 1.12)

  1. int ID + meta
  2. 1.16 string ID via item_id_map.json -> string ID + meta
  3. deserialize as medieval item

Medieval items (MCPE 1.6 - 1.8)

dktapps / 9999_chunker.app_fixes.json
Created May 30, 2022
BlockState Upgrader schema for fixing worlds converted by
View 9999_chunker.app_fixes.json
"maxVersionMajor": 255,
"maxVersionMinor": 255,
"maxVersionPatch": 255,
"maxVersionRevision": 255,
"addedProperties": {
"minecraft:anvil": {
"damage": {
"string": "undamaged"
dktapps / hardness_table.json
Created Jan 16, 2022
Table of all block hardness in Bedrock as of Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.0
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"minecraft:acacia_button": 0.5,
"minecraft:acacia_door": 3.0,
"minecraft:acacia_fence_gate": 2.0,
"minecraft:acacia_pressure_plate": 0.5,
"minecraft:acacia_stairs": 2.0,
"minecraft:acacia_standing_sign": 1.0,
"minecraft:acacia_trapdoor": 3.0,
"minecraft:acacia_wall_sign": 1.0,
"minecraft:activator_rail": 0.5,
dktapps / message.txt
Last active Jan 6, 2022
Signed message listing my accounts relevant to the Minecraft community. You may verify the saltpack using the Keybase App or online verifier such as
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I don't speak Russian, and I don't have an account on VK. There is someone on impersonating me.
I don't speak any language other than English.
My real accounts are:
@𝘥𝘺𝘭𝘢𝘯#2328 (Discord) (User ID: 242003500995837952)

PocketMine-MP Core Permissions

Generated from PocketMine-MP 4.0.0-BETA6+dev

Name Description Implied permissions
pocketmine.broadcast.admin Allows the user to receive administrative broadcasts N/A
pocketmine.broadcast.user Allows the user to receive user broadcasts N/A
pocketmine.command.ban.ip Allows the user to ban IP addresses N/A
pocketmine.command.ban.list Allows the user to list banned players N/A
pocketmine.command.ban.player Allows the user to ban players N/A
View test3.php
namespace test;
use function hrtime;
use function printf;
class BinaryStream{
protected string $buffer = "";
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import frida
import sys
import json
import argparse
import subprocess
import base64
import time
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$opts = getopt("", ["directed", "path:"]);
$directed = isset($opts["directed"]);
$nodes = [];
class Node{
public $name;
public function __construct(string $name){
dktapps /
Last active Dec 13, 2020
Packet handler used to generate most of BedrockData for PocketMine-MP (PM3 only)

This script operates on a packet dump between a vanilla client and server.

A dump like this can be obtained in various ways - a proxy, my frida tracer, etc. However you get it, the file provided should have one packet per line, starting with read: or write: and ending with a base64-encoded packet (including the packet ID).

A quick example grabbed from one of my old log files:

View r13-to-r14-blockstates-diff.txt
calculating required block table diff
matched 3029 states
16 old states removed:
CompoundTag: value={
CompoundTag: name='block', value={
StringTag: name='name', value='minecraft:kelp'
CompoundTag: name='states', value={
IntTag: name='age', value='12'