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zfs create -o mountpoint=none system/bootenv
zfs create -o mountpoint=none system/data
# stuff for default
zfs rename system/rootfs system/bootenv/default
zfs rename system/tmp system/bootenv/default/tmp
zfs rename system/usr system/bootenv/default/usr
zfs rename system/usr/obj system/bootenv/default/usr/obj
zfs rename system/usr/src system/bootenv/default/usr/src
zfs rename system/var system/bootenv/default/var
# stuff for data
zfs rename system/usr/home system/data/homes
zfs rename system/usr/local/pgsql system/data/pgsql
zfs rename system/usr/ports system/data/ports
zfs rename system/usr/ports/distfiles system/data/ports/distfiles
# Might want to stick audit in system/data. Not sure
zfs rename system/var/audit system/bootenv/default/var/audit
zfs rename system/var/empty system/bootenv/default/var/empty
zfs rename system/var/log system/bootenv/default/var/log
zfs rename system/var/tmp system/bootenv/default/var/tmp
zfs inherit -r mountpoint system/bootenv
zfs set mountpoint=/ system/bootenv
zfs inherit -r mountpoint system/data
zfs set mountpoint=/usr/home system/data/homes
zfs set mountpoint=/usr/ports system/data/ports
zfs set mountpoint=/usr/local/pgsql system/data/pgsql
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