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BSDCan 2019 list of talks
pentabarf_bsdcan=# SELECT DISTINCT E.title, string_agg(,', ') as name
FROM event E, view_event_person P, view_mail_all_speaker S
WHERE E.event_id = P.event_id
AND P.person_id = S.person_id
AND E.conference_id = 15
and E.event_state = 'accepted'
and P.event_role_name = 'Speaker' and P.event_role_state_name = 'confirmed'
group by E.title order by 1;
title | name
Adventure in DRMland | Emmanuel Vadot
Amateur Radio and SDR | Aaron Poffenberger
BGP for non-experts - all day - AM | Peter Hessler
BGP for non-experts - all day - PM | Peter Hessler
Building a security appliance based on FreeBSD | Mariusz Zaborski
Building an accessible OpenBSD laptop | Stefan Sperling
CheriABI: Hardware enforced memory safety for FreeBSD | Brooks Davis
Cross-Platform Parallel Regression and Performance Testing of, and with OpenZFS, FreeBSD and bhyve | Michael Dexter
Design and verification of the TLS 1.3 handshake state machine in LibreSSL | Theo Buehler
Developing a FreeBSD driver using Test Driven Development | Eric Joyner
Do you remember legacy IP? | Björn Alexander Zeeb
Frankenstein's Disk Drive | Chuck Tuffli
FreeBSD from a Linux developer's perspective | Ben Widawsky
FreeBSD on Power9 BoF | Albert Dengg
Fuzzing the kernel | Andrew Turner
Guesting BSD on the QNX Hypervisor | Quentin Garnier
Hack the Puffy | Jason Testart
Heart ticking for a guest running on FreeBSD ARM hypervisor | Mihai Carabas
How ZFS snapshots really work | Matt Ahrens
Improving security of the FreeBSD boot process | Michal Stanek
LIbTLS Tutorial for TLS beginners | Bob Beck
MQTT for system administrators (and for the IoT) | Jan-Piet Mens
Managing Jails with Ansible | Albert Dengg
Master & Minions or the Dream of BSD Automation | Calvin Hendryx-Parker
Migrating a bhyve guest | Elena Mihailescu
MirageOS: minimizing the attack surface and vectors of network services | Hannes Mehnert
Modern BSD Computing for Fun on a VAX! | Jeff Armstrong
Modernizing the busdma API in FreeBSD | Scott Long
Netflix and FreeBSD | Jonathan Looney
Network Management with the OpenBSD Packet Filter Toolset | Peter Hansteen, Massimiliano Stucchi
Networking for Systems Administrators: The BOF. | Ray Percival
OpenBSD network booted Workstations | Jan Klemkow
OpenBSD porting workshop - all day - AM | Brian Callahan
OpenBSD porting workshop - all day - PM | Brian Callahan
OpenBSD: add VMM to 'packer' (porting Go software) | Philipp Buehler
OpenSMTPD for the Real World | Aaron Poffenberger
OpenZFS BoF | Allan Jude
Porting Go to netbsd/arm64 | Maya Rashish
Porting NetBSD to the RISC-V | Zachary McGrew
QCOW2 in VMD | Ori Bernstein
Road Warrior Disaster Recovery | Aaron Poffenberger
System and Service Monitoring with Icinga and OpenSSH | Benedict Reuschling
Testing firewalls | Kristof Provost
The Future of OpenZFS and FreeBSD | Allan Jude
Twenty Years in Jail | Michael W. Lucas
Unveil in OpenBSD | Bob Beck
Visualization of Regression and Performance | Alexander Bluhm
bhyvearm64 | Alexandru Elisei
mac_grantbylabel | Simon Gerraty
qemu with hardware acceleration on NetBSD | Kamil Rytarowski
syspatch(8) | Antoine Jacoutot
unwind(8) | Florian Obser
(52 rows)
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