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Created Aug 24, 2017

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Adding a Window Resize signal to a purescript pux webapp

One of those things that's incredibly useful, but not built in... I figure others may be googling for this one day.

I found the source for very useful!

Here is a commit adding it to my app:

module SampleWindow (sampleWindowSize) where

import Control.Alternative (pure)
import Control.Bind (bind)
import Control.Monad.Eff (Eff)
import DOM (DOM)
import DOM.Event.EventTarget (addEventListener, eventListener)
import DOM.HTML.Event.EventTypes (resize)
import DOM.HTML.Types (Window, windowToEventTarget)
import DOM.HTML.Window (innerHeight, innerWidth)
import Prelude (discard, ($))
import Signal (Signal)
import Signal.Channel (CHANNEL, channel, send, subscribe)

-- | Returns a signal containing the current window size
-- | which is updated on every "resize" event.
sampleWindowSize :: forall eff. Window -> Eff (channel :: CHANNEL, dom :: DOM | eff) (Signal {width:: Int, height:: Int})
sampleWindowSize win = do
  width <- innerWidth win
  height <- innerHeight win
  chan <- channel {width, height}

  let listener = eventListener \ev -> do
        w <- innerWidth win
        h <- innerHeight win
        send chan {width: w, height: h}

  addEventListener resize listener false (windowToEventTarget win)

  pure $ subscribe chan
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