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Determine latest release asset download URL from site.github in GitHub user pages
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Considering there are several assets and the asset file name is created the same way for every release but includes the version number (e.g. foo-X.Y.Z-setup.exe or foo-X.Y.Z-src.tar.gz), there is also another approach, that might be to used. One can process

{{ site.github.latest_release.tag_name }}

and create the download URL like this

{{ site.github.releases_url }}/download/latest/foo-{{ site.github.latest_release.tag_name | strip | remove 'v' }}-setup.exe
{{ site.github.releases_url }}/download/latest/foo-{{ site.github.latest_release.tag_name | strip | remove 'v' }}-src.tar.gz

(because it is common to tag the version as vX.Y.Z the leading v is removed from the version tag in the above examples)

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{% assign msi = site.github.latest_release.assets | where: "content_type", "application/x-msdownload" %}

then iterate over it

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