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Last active August 28, 2023 13:54
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Print /proc/net/{tcp,udp}{,6} in a more human-readable format
import argparse
from ipaddress import IPv4Address, IPv6Address
from binascii import unhexlify
from struct import unpack
import tabulate
def hexint(x):
return int(x, 16)
p = argparse.ArgumentParser()
x = p.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
x.add_argument('-t', '--tcp', action='store_const', dest='prot', const='tcp', default='tcp',
help='Show TCP sockets (default)')
x.add_argument('-u', '--udp', action='store_const', dest='prot', const='udp',
help='Show UDP sockets instead of TCP')
p.add_argument('-4', '--ipv4', action='store_const', dest='family', const='4', default='46',
help='Show only IPv4 sockets (default is both IPv4 and IPv6)')
p.add_argument('-6', '--ipv6', action='store_const', dest='family', const='6',
help='Show only IPv6 sockets (default is both IPv4 and IPv6)')
p.add_argument('-x', '--extra', action='store_true',
help='Show "extra" fields which have no headers/labels')
args = p.parse_args()
# See
headers = None
output = []
fns = []
if '4' in
if '6' in
for fn in fns:
with open(fn) as inp:
headers = next(inp).split()
# The refcount and pointer fields are present in the data rows of both /proc/net/tcp*
# and /proc/net/udp*, but only /proc/net/udp* has headers/labels for them.
# Also, /proc/net/{tcp,udp}6 have the header 'remote_address' where
# /proc/net/{tcp,udp} have 'rem_address'.
# So, an inconsistent mess. We need to fixup the header fields for sanity.
if headers[2] == 'remote_address':
headers[2] = 'rem_address'
if args.prot == 'tcp' and headers == ['sl', 'local_address', 'rem_address', 'st', 'tx_queue', 'rx_queue', 'tr', 'tm->when', 'retrnsmt', 'uid', 'timeout', 'inode']:
headers += ['ref', 'pointer']
for line in inp:
fields = line.split()
lip, lp = map(unhexlify, fields[1].split(':'))
if fn.endswith('6'):
lip, lp = ''.join('%08x' % n for n in unpack('=4L', lip)), unpack('>H', lp)[0]
lip = IPv6Address(':'.join(lip[4 * ii: 4 * ii + 4] for ii in range(8)))
lbr, rbr = '[',']'
lip, lp = IPv4Address(unpack('=L', lip)[0]), unpack('>H', lp)[0]
lbr = rbr = ''
rip, rp = map(unhexlify, fields[2].split(':'))
if fn.endswith('6'):
rip, rp = ''.join('%08x' % n for n in unpack('=4L', rip)), unpack('>H', rp)[0]
rip = IPv6Address(':'.join(rip[4 * ii: 4 * ii + 4] for ii in range(8)))
rip, rp = IPv4Address(unpack('=L', rip)[0]), unpack('>H', rp)[0]
sl = int(fields[0].rstrip(':'))
tx_queue, rx_queue = map(hexint, fields[4].split(':'))
tr, tm_when = map(hexint, fields[5].split(':')) # TR values:
st, retrnsmt = hexint(fields[3]), hexint(fields[6])
uid, timeout, inode, refcount = map(int, fields[7:11])
pointer = f'0x{fields[11]}' if hexint(fields[11]) != 0 else '<needs-root>'
row = [sl, f'{lbr}{lip}{rbr}:{lp}', f'{lbr}{rip}{rbr}:{rp}', st, tx_queue, rx_queue, tr, tm_when, retrnsmt, uid, timeout, inode, refcount, pointer] + fields[12:]
if len(row) > len(headers):
if args.extra:
headers += [''] * (len(row) - len(headers))
row = row[:len(headers)]
print(tabulate.tabulate(output, headers))
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