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Last active May 21, 2024 19:30
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Juniper VPN logging script for mitmproxy v4.0.4
# Run like this with mitmproxy v4.0.4:
# mitmdump --script --tcp-hosts JUNIPER.SERVER.COM
# It will dump the TCP flows with the server in a raw-ish format to /tmp/TCPFlow*,
# and will replace the MD5 hash of the "real" server certificate with that of the
# MITM'ed server certificate (as provided to the client) anywhere it appears in the
# TCP flows' content.
from time import strftime, time, localtime
from sys import stderr
from binascii import hexlify
#import argparse
#p = argparse.ArgumentParser()
#p.add_argument('path', nargs='?', default='/tmp')
#args = p.parse_args()
logpath = '/tmp'
def hexl(bytes):
return ' '.join('%02x'%b for b in bytes)
def hexdump(bytes, width=32, text=True):
out = ''
for pos in range(0, len(bytes), width):
row = bytes[pos:pos+width]
hexrow = ' '.join('%02x'%b for b in row)
textrow = ' '+repr(row) if text else ''
out += '%08x %s%s\n' % (pos, hexrow.ljust(3*width), textrow)
return out
def tcp_start(flow):
d = flow.dumpfile = open('%s/TCPFlow-%s.log' % (logpath,'%Y%m%d_%H%M%S')), 'w')
print("Dumping to %s" %, file=stderr)
def tcp_message(flow):
d = flow.dumpfile
m = flow.messages[-1]
c = m.content
real_server_hash = flow.server_conn.cert.digest('md5').replace(b':',b'').lower()
# see dlenski's issue #1935, PR #2018
mitm_server_hash = flow.client_conn.mitmcert.digest('md5').replace(b':',b'').lower()
nc = m.content
nc = nc.replace(real_server_hash, mitm_server_hash)
if nc!=m.content:
print("%s message: replaced real cert hash (%r) with mitmproxy cert hash (%r)" % ('outgoing' if m.from_client else 'incoming', real_server_hash, mitm_server_hash), file=stderr)
m.content = nc
d.write('%s %s\n' % (strftime('%Y%m%dT%H%M%S', localtime(time())), '>' if m.from_client else '<'))
def tcp_error(flow):
d = flow.dumpfile
error = flow.error
d.write('# %s\n' % repr(error))
def tcp_end(flow):
d = flow.dumpfile
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dlenski commented May 21, 2024

My 2017 contribution of mitmproxy/mitmproxy#2018 (→ mitmproxy/mitmproxy@391f28f) to mitmproxy made it possible to automate the substitution of the server's cert's MD5 hash.

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