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My new productivity setup

My new productivity setup

I tried a lot of stuff when it comes to productivity and I'm pretty sure productivity means different things to different people. For me it boils down to three different aspects:

  1. easy and fast access to the right information
  2. easy and fast navigation
  3. easy and reliable reminders

As you can see, for me the theme is easy access to the right information at any time. I'll share tools or tips over the next couple of weeks which help me accomplish this goal. The first tool I wrote about was Gmail.

Alfred App

I love Alfred App so much, that I even wrote my own extension to make my life a little easier.

I use Alfred App for stuff like:

It helps me to be so much more productive than taking my hands off the keyboard and navigating e.g. to Finder and searching for a folder.

It's a current theme throughout all the tools I use, that keyboard shortcuts are a huge productivity boost. As a developer you are typing most of the time and if you don't know your tools shortcuts, falling back to a mouse or trackpad can be counted as an interruption - exactly what we don't need.

Alfred App is keyboard shortcut productivity at its best!

Next up: GitHub

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