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My new productivity setup

My new productivity setup

I tried a lot of stuff when it comes to productivity and I'm pretty sure productivity means different things to different people. For me it boils down to three different aspects:

  1. easy and fast access to the right information
  2. easy and fast navigation
  3. easy and reliable reminders

As you can see, for me the theme is easy access to the right information at any time. I'll share tools or tips over the next couple of weeks which help me accomplish this goal. The first two key ingredients of my setup are Gmail and Alfred App.


As a developer, how can you not love GitHub and the Octocat? Seriously, they provide an awesome service, which is free for your open source projects and super cheap for your private repos.

I use GitHub for my "about me site" as well as my ramblings like this. As developer, I use it every day to store source code, documentation and collaborate with co-workers and other developers.

The productivity boost comes from two things that GitHub does right:

  1. it's fast
  2. information is easy to access

They exactly align with my key aspects outlined in the introduction.

Have you every hit 't' on the code tab of a repository and started typing a file name? Or hit 'CMD+P' on an issue to check it's formatting before submitting it? It's so easy to navigate a repository, create an issue or reply to a comment on your code.

At my day job the development team lives inside GitHub - collaboration, documentation and other assets - all in one place. I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Next Up: Remember The Milk

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