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Created January 26, 2013 13:12
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My new productivity setup

My new productivity setup

I tried a lot of stuff when it comes to productivity and I'm pretty sure productivity means different things to different people. For me it boils down to three different aspects:

  1. easy and fast access to the right information
  2. easy and fast navigation
  3. easy and reliable reminders

As you can see, for me the theme is easy access to the right information at any time. I'll share tools or tips over the next couple of weeks which help me accomplish this goal. The first two key ingredients of my setup are Gmail and Alfred App. Furthermore, I explained how GitHub plays a role in my daily productivity.

Remember The Milk

I've been a member of Remember The Milk (RTM) since 2006 and I have been using it heavily until Apple released last year. Most of the time I payed for the service, but canceled my subscription since I though would be the remedy.

As it turns out, I was wrong! If Apple calls the AppleTV a hobby, I have no idea what they call I don't want to re-iterate all the stuff that is wrong with, but rather highlight the advantages of RTM.

One of the main reasons RTM has been a great tool in my belt for years is reliability. There are downtimes, no question - but compared to or iCloud therefore, it's super stable and simply works.

In addition to their website, they have great Apps that integrate with all sorts of tools. The iOS App is a joy to use, since it's much faster and easier to navigate compared to Since RTM supports Siri, there's nothing that I miss except reminders based on locations aka geo fences.

Unfortunately, there is still no Mac client, but since I'm using Gmail and Alfred App, there is a solution.

RTM has a lot of features, like tags, lists, sharing and locations. If you are into organizing you'll have a ball. I'm simply using lists and don't need the more sophisticated features.

Give Remember The Milk a try if you need a simple todo list that is easy to use, fast and reliable.

Next Up: Reading List

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