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Linkly x-callback-url integration

Integrate Linkly Clipping into your App

You can integrate your App or Website with Linkly starting from Version 1.2.


Linkly supports x-callback-url, which provides a standardized means for iOS developers to expose and document features of their App to other developers.

Linkly's exposed URL schema


This is the base URL that you use to clip with Linkly. All other parameters defined by x-callback-url can be passed along, but only the following are respected:

  • x-success
  • x-error (including errorCode=code&errorMessage=message)

Both URLs are called on successful clipping or an error during clipping, respectivley.

Linkly supports clipping the URL in UIPasteboard right after application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: has been called. Since this could interfere with calling Linkly's URL schema, you can pass a custom parameter to prevent clipping:



If you have any questions, need some help or would like to integrate Linkly deeper into your App, let us know:

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