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TV Show Reviews - '12 Monkeys'

I like to watch TV shows and from time to time I'm writing short reviews about it. You can check out what I'm watching over at and follow me on Twitter.

About '12 Monkeys'

The show is loosely based on the movie '12 Monkeys' with Bruce Willis, which was release back in 1995. It's main character 'Cole' of the year 2043 is travelling back in time to prevent an outbreak, which decimates a huge part of the population. With the help of the scientist 'Dr. Cassandra Railly' of the year 2015 and information collected in his timeline, they are trying to locate the source of the outbreak.

My breakdown - Spoiler Alert

I stopped watching at episode 10! Now, let me say that I was really looking forward to this show and I'm very disappointed it didn't live up to my expectations. What made me stop watching? It's not the acting, not the effects - it's the story.

It feels like the writers didn't know where to go with this around episode 7. Cole and Cassy stopped the outbreak, everything seemed to be fine! Guess what? They didn't! Somehow the story must go on and thus the outbreak wasn't really stopped. I suspected this would happen, but it threw me off anyways.

I think the two hour movie it was based on just hadn't enough juice to fuel a whole TV show, so the writers introduced some other characters and brought more storylines into play. Unfortunately, this didn't really help and made the whole show more confusing than interesting. If they had sticked to the original storyline, explained some parts of it in more depth, especially some characters, I believe they could've made a great 20 episode show.

There was so much potential. Instead the show was convoluted with characters and storylines, which I think are just there to stretch the whole show over more episodes.

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