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Public XMPP servers with Tor Hidden Service

Public XMPP servers with Tor Hidden Service

This is a tentative list of public XMPP (Jabber) servers that provide a Tor Hidden Service (.onion address) for connections from within Tor network. By public I mean, servers that are free for everyone to use and place no barriers on registration.

Clearnet domain Tor Hidden Service In-Band registration XEP compliance IM Observatory grade jtovcabr2vhflcqg.onion disabled Excellent A ujvdniabz53upqfx.onion disabled Excellent A hdtp7t4nwifcfkjg.onion no captcha Excellent A creep7nissfumwyx.onion has captcha Excellent A l2epd2e4g2hx3tdf.onion no captcha Excellent A jfel5icoxf3nmftl.onion has captcha Good A evilxro6nvjuvxqo.onion no captcha Bad A c2aaokzwkwkct543.onion no captcha Good A ihkw7qy3tok45dun.onion no captcha Bad A ijeeynrc6x2uy5ob.onion no captcha Bad A sybzodlxacch7st7.onion no captcha Excellent A 5rgdtlawqkcplz75.onion no captcha Bad A dbbrphko5tqcpar3.onion no captcha Excellent A clciwvt5qnxoqykx.onion has captcha Good A x5tno6mwkncu5m3h.onion disabled Excellent A jabjabdevfoob7hl.onion has captcha Excellent A xsydhi3dnbjuatpz.onion has captcha Good A maspm2xs6xavmpo6.onion disabled Excellent A un3v2tzz4eplttzq.onion has captcha Good A duvfmyqmdlyvc3mi.onion no captcha Excellent A m4c722bvc2r7brnn.onion no captcha Excellent A jrbiogs6dv5txt5s.onion disabled Excellent A y2qmqomqpszzryei.onion disabled Bad A

In-Band registration is listed separately from other XEPs because it enables Tor users to register accounts without ever contacting a clearnet webserver.


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commented Jul 18, 2018

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