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Dan dlm423

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Thanks for this script, seems quite useful! I am having an issue, my <a> tag is redirecting me to another page, as opposed to submitting the DELETE request. I asked a question on Stack Overflow and hope to get some help in case anyone else runs into this issue.
dlm423 / gist:8011739
Created Dec 17, 2013
new_transaction function
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function new_transaction($cc_token=NULL, $total=NULL, $order_id=NULL){
$customer = \Balanced\Customer::get('/v1/customers/CU7guBPfer2uEkOEopU0KgXl');
$transaction=$customer->debit($total*100, array(''), "MerchantFuse Order #".$order_id, $cc_token);
return $transaction->uri;
//Note: I tried both of the following as values for $cc_token
// /v1/customers/CU7guBPfer2uEkOEopU0KgXl/cards/CC1KxhXOuHYrwGR8opxLuKjQ
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