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A simple LinkFixerBot clone developed as a demonstration for anyone who is curious how a simple reddit bot might be coded. To kill this code, spam "Ctrl+C" until it catches the exception.
import praw # simple interface to the reddit API, also handles rate limiting of requests
import re
from collections import deque
from time import sleep
USERNAME = "Your username here"
PASSWORD = "Your password here"
USERAGENT = "Your useragent string here. It should include your /u/username as a courtesy to reddit"
r = praw.Reddit(USERAGENT)
r.login(USERNAME,PASSWORD) # necessary if your bot will talk to people
cache = deque(maxlen=200) # To make sure we don't duplicate effort
r_pat = re.compile(' r/[A-Za-z0-9]+')
u_pat = re.compile(' u/[A-Za-z0-9]+')
def check_condition(comment):
text = comment.body
broken = set(re.findall(r_pat, text))
broken.union( set(re.findall(u_pat, text)) )
condition = False
if broken:
condition = True
return condition, broken
def bot_action(c, links):
text = ''
for link in links:
text += "/" + link[1:] + "\n"
print, c.subreddit.display_name, c.submission.title
print text
running = True
while running:
all = r.get_all_comments(limit = None, url_data = {'limit':100})
for c in all:
if in cache:
bot_condition_met, parsed = check_condition(c)
if bot_condition_met:
bot_action(c, parsed)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
running = False
except praw.errors.APIException, e:
print "[ERROR]:", e
print "sleeping 30 sec"
except Exception, e: # In reality you don't want to just catch everything like this, but this is toy code.
print "[ERROR]:", e
print "blindly handling error"

Nice example!

At line 40, shouldn't that be "continue" rather than "break" so it continues parsing other comments in all?


@dadler - No, once it reaches comments that are in your cache, it has already processed the rest in a previous loop.

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