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Created September 22, 2015 16:49
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* Demonstrate an object-oriented style of programming. Declare a Person type
* and instantiate an instance. Convert that instance into a JSON node, for
* example to persist it to the database, and convert it back.
// The Person constructor, e.g. var p = new Person(…)
Person = function(fname, lname) {
if (fname) this.fname = fname;
if (lname) this.lname = lname;
Person.prototype = {
greet: function() {
return "Hi, I'm " + this.fname + " " + this.lname + "."
toJSON: function() {
return { fname: this.fname, lname: this.lname }
// A static method that instantiates a new Person from JSON
Person.fromJSON = function(json) {
var obj = json.valueOf ? json.valueOf() : json;
var p = new Person(obj.fname, obj.lname);
return p;
// Instantiate a new Person object
var sam = new Person("Sam", "Simon");
// Convert that object into a JSON node
var samNode = xdmp.toJSON(sam.toJSON());
// This is where you'd likely persist the sam document to the database
// xmdp.documentInsert("/sam.json", samNode, xdmp.defaultPermissions())
// (Don't forget to put a declareUpdate() at the top if you're doing this.)
// Re-hydrate a new Person person instance from the JSON node. Note
// the use of root to get the root node from the document node.
var s = Person.fromJSON(samNode.root);
// Verify that we indeed have a person and the fields have beeen properly
// instantiated.
s instanceof Person
// Note that the === only evaluates to true on nodes that have been converted
// to JavaScript objects (i.e. with node.valueOf()). == will do the expected
// casting to a JavaScript object.
&& s.fname == "Sam"
// Make sure we've got our methods as well.
&& s.greet() === "Hi, I'm Sam Simon."
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