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Last active July 6, 2024 03:48
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Type Name $
Case 228x182x46mm Waterproof Plastic Tool box Shockproof Airtight Container Storage Box resistant fall safety case 14.57
Display & Driver board 9 inch 1024*600 HDMI Screen LCD Display with Driver Board Monitor for Raspberry Pi Banana/Orange Pi Mini computer 25.65
Display cable (50pin) 10PCS FPC Ribbon Flexible Flat CABLE PITCH 0.5MM 100MM A-Type 4P 6P 8P 10P 12P 16P 20P 30P 40P FFC WIRE 6/10/12/16/20/30/40 pin 1.02
Display cable connector 2PCS FPC FFC Flexible Flat Cable Extension Board 0.5 mm Pitch 6 8 10 12 14 20 30 40 50 PIN Connector 1.81
Charger extension 10cm Micro USB Female to Micro USB Male F/M Extension Extender Date Charging Short OTG Cable Black 20CM 50CM 10CM 1m 1.5m 2m 0.91
Keyboard Hot-sale Tablet Case Cover Keyboard General Wired Keyboard Flip Holster Case For Andriod Mobile Phone 4.2''-6.8'' 1018#C 7.70
Micro USB to USB Exquisite Micro Female To USB Male Converter Changing phone Data Connector Mini Portable For Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 Note 8 1.34
Carbon film 127 cm * 10 cm 3D carbon fiber car color film body sticker car decoration stickers 10 colors optional Car Accessories 1.0
HDMI-HDMI connector Raspberry Pi 4B model 3B+ LCD HDMI Adapter connector 0.85
Buttons 10PCS KCD11 SPST 2PIN red mini Push Button rocker Switch ON/OFF boat power switches 3A/250V 6A/125V 1015MM 1015 2 pin 0.82
M3 Spacers (23mm) Brass Standoff Spacer M3 Female x M3 Female 20mm 21mm 23mm 60mm Long Pillars Nut Free Shipping 6.69
M2.5 Spacers (12mm) 50PCS M2.5 Hex Nut Spacing Screw 5/6/8/10/12mm Female Brass Threaded Pillar PCB Motherboard Standoff Spacer Kit 3.11
Bolts (M2.5x20; M3x10) 50Pcs 1.6mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 304 stainless steel cross flat head screw countersunk head screw M1.6M2M2.5M3*4/6/8/10-25 4.91
Cable Ties 300 Pcs Nylon Cable Self-locking Plastic Wire Zip Ties Set 3100 3150 4*200 MRO & Industrial Supply Fasteners & Hardware Cable 3.33
Electrical Tape 9M Wire Flame Retardant Electrical Insulation Tape Electrical High Voltage PVC Tape Waterproof Self-adhesive Electrician Tape 1.11


Type Name $
Trackball ICSH044A ICSTATION for Blackberry Trackball Breakout Board Module 2.5V-5.25V 3.51
Trackball driver Adafruit QT Py RP2040 9.95
SSD Taifast m.2 ngff sata3 SSD for laptop desktop hard disk 2242 2280 Computer Accessories 64gb 120gb 240gb 256gb 512gb 1tb ssd 13.39
SSD Enclosure Transcend CM42 16,00
USB 2.0 & 3.0 Hub USB Hub 2.0 Multi USB Splitter 4 Ports Hab For PC 4.74
USB 3.0 Hub -> SSD Cable Ultra short USB C Cable 12cm USB 3.1 Gen.1 USB 3.0 A male to type c male fast charger charging sync data cable cord 5Gpbs 3A 60W 5,09
USB 3.0 Hub -> RPi Cable (S1A-S4B, 30cm) FPV USB 3.0 Type-A Axial Elbow 90 Degree Adapter 5cm-300cm FPC Ribbon Flat USB Cable for HDTV AV Multicopter Aerial Photography 5,42
Heatsink (FAN 4mm) Pure Copper Heatsink Raspberry Pi 4 Protective Case Cooling Fan Protective Shell Metal Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 4B Mod 20,15
Magnetic Power Cable FONKEN Magnet Cable 90 Degree Magnetic Charger Cable Gaming Charging Cable Wire L Bend Type Phone Cable For Xiomi Huawei Samsung 20,15


Type Name $
MicroSD extender 48CM/60CM SD card Female to TF micro SD Male ( SD to SD , TF to TF )Flexible Card Extension cable Extender Adapter reader 2.23
3.5mm angle QYFANG 3.5mm Gold Plated Copper Earphone Plug Audio Jack 2/3/4 Pole Stereo Metal Adapter Headphone L-Type Bend Wire Connector 2.62
Trackball ICSH044A ICSTATION for Blackberry Trackball Breakout Board Module 2.5V-5.25V 3.51
Trackball driver board Teensy 2.0 Teensy USB Development Board 4.94
SSD Taifast m.2 ngff sata3 SSD for laptop desktop hard disk 2242 2280 Computer Accessories 64gb 120gb 240gb 256gb 512gb 1tb ssd 13.39
USB 2.0 Flexible Cable Super Flat flexible Up & Down & Left & Right Angled 90 Degree USB Micro USB Male to USB male Data Charge connector Cable 2.45
USB 2.0 Flexible Cable Key Chain Micro USB Type C Lightning Cable Fast Charging Cable For Samsung S10 A51 A71 Note10 Charger Keychain Cord Short Cabel 1.87
USB 2.0 & 3.0 Hub USB Hub 2.0 Multi USB Splitter 4 Ports Hab For PC 4.74
USB 3.0 Extender (down) 20cm USB 3.0 Right / Left /Up/Down Angle 90 Degree Extension Cable Male To Female Adapter Cord USB Cables 1.18


Type Name $
USB Drive Box Waterproof Emergency EDC Survival Health Care Seal Box Case Aluminum Pill Tank Capsule Bottle Holder Container Portable Tools 3.33
Box 50 Cal Ammo Can Steel Ammo Box Military & Army Solid Tactical Waterproof Holder Box for Long-Term Bullet Valuables Storage 37.99
"Bomb" Lighter Outdoor Survival Tool Flint Fire Starter Permanent Match Striker Keychain Portable Million of times Key Chain Lighter Kit 3.22
Roll for cables and accessories Mayitr Army Green Bonsai Storage Package Roll Bag Garden Repair Tool Pliers Scissors Canvas Tools Storage Bags 9.15

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Z4ph0d42 commented Jul 7, 2021

I built mine with a raspi 4b+.
I used the hdmi connector that OP did and in the configuration OP used (the video board and the pi sandwiched on top of each other). But this causes a significant amount of pressure on the screen. I ended up breaking my screen and having to order a replacement.
I'm waiting on a flat ribbon cable hdmi to arrive and it should solve all my issues.
I'll post more pics latter.

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mav- commented Jul 26, 2021

Such an awesome computer to build. Thanks for sharing the project and the BOM!

Built mine with Intel stick PC running Debian with awesomewm. Powered by 16Ah LiFePO4 battery for extra long service life. Added modules to boost the battery voltage to 5V, and added 5V + 12V inputs, so the computer will run (and charge) on both 5V or 12-36V inputs, or the battery. Also added a small voltage meter so battery soc can be monitored. Charging module is set to ~3.33V, so battery is never overcharged. Found a nice 8.9" 500 nits ips display that only draws ~350mA. Also added mechanical on/off switches to turn on/off display, charging module or completely disconnect the battery from everything.

Still a WIP. Waiting on smaller/flat HDMI cable to make room for more USB ports to add GPS and LTE modules. Only got 1 free USB port now.

Went with for mouse control after making some edits to it (WASD + cursor movement and extra button keys).


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legop3 commented Aug 1, 2022

I might start working on one of these, unfortunately it seems that the keyboard is no longer being sold.

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Z4ph0d42 commented Aug 1, 2022

I also would not recommend the keyboard op used. I used an identical one and after a month it fell apart and bowed from normal use. Just buy a small flat wireless keeb

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mav- commented Aug 1, 2022

Yes, the mentioned keyboard is low quality.
I would recommend the "MCSaite Ultra Slim Full Size Mute Wired USB Mini Keyboard For PC Computer", it is a little larger but fits after some small modifications. You can get it on both Amazon or Aliexpress. Photo's are from another project, but it will fit the case for this project as well.



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legop3 commented Aug 1, 2022

ok, first of all its awesome that there are still people active in here.

I will look in to getting a different keyboard, maybe one with a trackpad. has anyone figured out the trackball or other mouse solution yet?

I have ordered the screen and case.

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mav- commented Aug 2, 2022

In the project pictured above I re-purposed an old laptop touchpad. You can find many trackpad pinouts of them online and then use a PS/2 to USB converter (which is hidden under the keyboard) to connect it to USB.
If you want a ready-to go solution, I can also recommend the touchpads. Expensive, but many sizes available and works very well, even has support for gestures and right-click, which is also nice. I had one of them but sadly destroyed it while trying to shorten the cable, still not sure what went wrong exactly.
You can also look at finger or pen mouse options, but I have no experience with them.

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legop3 commented Aug 2, 2022

oh I see, the rounded silver thing is a touchpad? I have at least one old laptop touchpad laying around, maybe i'll see if I can get it to work with a PS2 to USB adapter. I also might just order the blackberry trackball and some arduino-like tiny dev board and try to write the software myself. my case and screen are coming on august 26th, and I am going to start out with a Pi 2 as the computer until I can get a better one, since right now my Pi 3 is hosting HomeAssistant for me.

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dmi3 commented Aug 27, 2022

Happy to see other great builds here, thank you for sharing! I've also published a status update on the original build, hope you might find something useful.

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