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Default JDL example from
entity Region {
regionName String
entity Country {
countryName String
entity Location {
streetAddress String,
postalCode String,
city String,
stateProvince String
entity Department {
departmentName String required
entity Task {
title String,
description String
entity Employee {
firstName String,
lastName String,
email String,
phoneNumber String,
hireDate Instant,
salary Long,
commissionPct Long
entity Job {
jobTitle String,
minSalary Long,
maxSalary Long
entity JobHistory {
startDate Instant,
endDate Instant,
language Language
enum Language {
relationship OneToOne {
Country{region} to Region
relationship OneToOne {
Location{country} to Country
relationship OneToOne {
Department{location} to Location
relationship ManyToMany {
Job{task(title)} to Task{job}
relationship OneToMany {
Employee to Job{employee},
Department to
relationship ManyToOne {
Employee{manager} to Employee
relationship OneToOne {
JobHistory{job} to Job,
JobHistory{department} to Department,
JobHistory{employee} to Employee
paginate JobHistory, Employee with infinite-scroll
paginate Job with pagination
service all with serviceImpl except Employee, Job
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