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create litecoin genesis block, the missing code
assert(block.hashMerkleRoot == uint256("0x38ca78a781d3c571a681ea2241ffb1e0d89bd1ecd3499f1bf6edeaa8751e7151"));
// If genesis block hash does not match, then generate new genesis hash.
if (false && block.GetHash() != hashGenesisBlock)
printf("Searching for genesis block...\n");
// This will figure out a valid hash and Nonce if you're
// creating a different genesis block:
uint256 hashTarget = CBigNum().SetCompact(block.nBits).getuint256();
uint256 thash;
char scratchpad[SCRYPT_SCRATCHPAD_SIZE];
scrypt_1024_1_1_256_sp_generic(BEGIN(block.nVersion), BEGIN(thash), scratchpad);
if (thash <= hashTarget)
if ((block.nNonce & 0xFFF) == 0)
printf("nonce %08X: hash = %s (target = %s)\n", block.nNonce, thash.ToString().c_str(), hashTarget.ToString().c_str());
if (block.nNonce == 0)
printf("NONCE WRAPPED, incrementing time\n");
printf("block.nTime = %u \n", block.nTime);
printf("block.nNonce = %u \n", block.nNonce);
printf("block.GetHash = %s\n", block.GetHash().ToString().c_str());
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