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Dmitry Minkovsky dminkovsky

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export default class MessageUpdater {
constructor(id, environment) {
this._id = id;
this._environment = environment;
update({to, body}) {
const dirty = this._dirty();
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var fs = require('fs');
var iconv = require('iconv-lite');
var input = 'Kino - Le dernier des heroes.cue';
var output = 'Kino - Le dernier des heroes.utf8.cue';
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# Which cluster are you connect to?
$ kubectl cluster-info
$ kubectl config view context
For more detail:
# What's running?
$ kubectl get --all-namespaces all
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.transform(() -> new Transformer<ByteString, Messages.User, KeyValue<ByteString, List<KeyValue<ByteString, Messages.User>>>>() {
private KeyValueStore<ByteString, Messages.User> store;
public void init(ProcessorContext context) {
store = (KeyValueStore<ByteString, Messages.User>) context.getStateStore("users-by-login-id-index");
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<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
package pony;
import graphql.language.*;
import java.util.List;
public class GraphQLPrinter {
private int indentWidth = 4;
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2015-01-28 15:33:30 dimadima anyone here edit java with vim?
2015-01-28 15:33:37 surial dimadima: only complete blithering idiots.
2015-01-28 15:33:45 dimadima hmm
2015-01-28 15:33:56 surial vim is a great editor, but it's not intelligent, and java is a language that is extremely suitable to intelligent editing.
2015-01-28 15:34:04 surial In fact, you could go so far as to say that you NEED it to keep your sanity.
2015-01-28 15:34:06 dimadima i edit java with vim and i'm enjoying it well enough so far
2015-01-28 15:34:14 dimadima my one problem is that syntax highlighting
2015-01-28 15:34:17 freeone3000 Java IDEs are intelligent so Java developers don't have to be.
2015-01-28 15:34:27 freeone3000 dimadima: That's the one thing vim *does* do for Java code.
2015-01-28 15:34:27 surial dimadima: have you _used_ an intelligent editor?
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create() {
curl -XPUT "$HOST"/test
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# From!topic/coreos-dev/JAeABXnQzuE
pushd $(dirname $0) > /dev/null; CURRABSPATH=$(readlink -nf "$(pwd)"); popd > /dev/null; # Get the directory in which the script resides
set -x
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var nsq = require('nsqjs');
function populate(done) {
var w = new nsq.Writer('', 4150);