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@dminuoso dminuoso/contt.hs
Last active Dec 8, 2017

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module ContT where
import Control.Monad.Trans.Class
newtype ContT r m a = ContT { runContT :: (a -> m r) -> m r }
instance Functor (ContT r m) where
fmap f (ContT cv) = ContT $ \c ->
cv (c . f)
instance Applicative (ContT r m) where
pure a = ContT $ \c -> c a
(ContT cf) <*> (ContT cv) = ContT $ \c ->
cf $ \f ->
cv (c . f)
instance Monad (ContT r m) where
return = pure
(ContT ca) >>= acb = ContT $ \c ->
ca $ \a' ->
runContT (acb a') c
instance MonadTrans (ContT r) where
lift m = ContT (\k -> m >>= k)
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