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output of closure compiler
$ find . -name '*.js' | xargs java -jar ~/dev/lib/closure-compiler.jar --js
./mojits/RoutingMojit/controller.server.js:44: ERROR - Parse error. missing ; before statement
vac action = ac.action;
./mojits/RoutingMojit/controller.server.js:70: ERROR - Parse error. missing } after property list
"methods" : methods.replace(/, $/, "");
./mojits/RoutingMojit/controller.server.js:74: ERROR - Parse error. missing ) after argument list
}, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito-url-addon']});
./mojits/RoutingMojit/controller.server.js:74: ERROR - Parse error. syntax error
}, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito-url-addon']});
4 error(s), 0 warning(s)
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