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Sort Archlinux AUR packages by votes when querying with Yaourt
yaourt vim > vim.log
cat vim.log | awk '/aur/{print $1 $2 " " $4}' | sed -r 's/\(Out of date\)//g' | sed -r 's/([0-9]*)(\S+)\s\(([0-9]*)\)/\3 - \2/g' | sort -n
yaourt vim | awk '/aur/{print $1 $2 " " $4}' | sed -r 's/\(Out of date\)//g' | sed -r 's/([0-9]*)(\S+)\s\(([0-9]*)\)/\3 - \2/g' | sort -n
[press enter when asked to enter a package number to install]
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