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Basic instructions for the reloadSourceOnError plugin.

Using the reloadSourceOnError Plugin

Call the plugin activate it:


Now if the player encounters a fatal error during playback, it will automatically attempt to reload the current source. If the error was caused by a transient browser or networking problem, this can allow playback to continue with a minimum of disruption to your viewers.

The plugin will only restart your player once in a 30 second time span so that your player doesn't get into a reload loop if it encounters non-transient errors. You can tweak the amount of time required between restarts by adjusting the errorInterval option.

If your video URLs are time-sensitive, the original source could be invalid by the time an error occurs. If that's the case, you can provide a getSource callback to regenerate a valid source object. In your callback, the this keyword is a reference to the player that errored. The first argument to getSources is a function. Invoke that function and pass in your new source object when you're ready.


  // getSource allows you to override the source object used when an error occurs
  getSource: function(reload) {
    console.log('Reloading because of an error');

    // call reload() with a fresh source object
    // you can do this step asynchronously if you want (but the error dialog will
    // show up while you're waiting)
      src: '',
      type: 'application/x-mpegURL'
  // errorInterval specifies the minimum amount of seconds that must pass before 
  // another reload will be attempted
  errorInterval: 5 
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imbcmdth commented Nov 10, 2016

Might want to make a note that doing an async request for the source will result in the error dialog being displayed until a new source is set. ...or suggest ways around that behavior.

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imbcmdth commented Nov 10, 2016

Otherwise, LGTM!

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DavexPro commented Feb 7, 2017


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ajw725 commented Jun 25, 2018

this plugin unfortunately doesn't work in Safari 11.1 (with VideoJS 7.0.3), and i can't figure out how to replicate the functionality. in Safari, for whatever reason, the "error" event just doesn't seem to fire. the request to the video URL returns a 403, but there's no uncaught exception or any kind of event i can find to bind to in order to reload the source.

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