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Created Nov 26, 2019
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function love.draw()
local canvas, x, y, width, height, rotation, scaleX, scaleY, offsetX, offsetY = Scene:getRender(), x, y, width, height, rotation, scaleX, scaleY, offsetX, offsetY)
scene.getRender = function (self, drawArg),1,1){self.threeCanvas, depth=true}),0,0,0)
-- compile camera data into usable view to send to threeShader
local Camera =
local camTransform = cpml.mat4()
camTransform:rotate(camTransform, Camera.angle.y, cpml.vec3.unit_x)
camTransform:rotate(camTransform, Camera.angle.x, cpml.vec3.unit_y)
camTransform:rotate(camTransform, Camera.angle.z, cpml.vec3.unit_z)
camTransform:translate(camTransform, Camera.pos*-1)
self.threeShader:send("view", Camera.perspective * TransposeMatrix(camTransform))
self.threeShader:send("ambientLight", self.ambientLight)
self.threeShader:send("ambientVector", self.ambientVector)
-- go through all models in modelList and draw them
for i=1, #self.modelList do
local model = self.modelList[i]
if model ~= nil and model.visible and #model.verts > 0 then
self.threeShader:send("model_matrix", model.transform)
self.threeShader:send("model_matrix_inverse", TransposeMatrix(InvertMatrix(model.transform)))
if model.culling then"back")
end, -self.renderWidth/2, -self.renderHeight/2)"none")
if drawArg == nil or drawArg == true then
return self.threeCanvas, self.renderWidth/2, self.renderHeight/2, 0, 1,-1, self.renderWidth/2, self.renderHeight/2, self.renderWidth/2,self.renderHeight/2, 0, 1,-1, self.renderWidth/2, self.renderHeight/2)
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