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Pulls the Facebook fan count and Twitter follower count for the specified accounts.
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var f_page = "wvumountaineers"; // the page name for your fan page, e.g. the 'wvumountaineers' part of
var t_page = "westvirginiau"; // the account name for your main twitter account
function add_commas(number) {
if (number.length > 3) {
var mod = number.length % 3;
var output = (mod > 0 ? (number.substring(0,mod)) : '');
for (i=0 ; i < Math.floor(number.length / 3); i++) {
if ((mod == 0) && (i == 0)) {
output += number.substring(mod+ 3 * i, mod + 3 * i + 3);
} else {
output+= ',' + number.substring(mod + 3 * i, mod + 3 * i + 3);
return (output);
} else {
return number;
// when document is ready load the counts
// grab from facebook
$.getJSON(''+f_page+'?callback=?', function(data) {
var fb_count = data['likes'].toString();
fb_count = add_commas(fb_count);
// grab from twitter
$.getJSON(''+t_page+'&callback=?', function(data) {
twit_count = data['followers_count'].toString();
twit_count = add_commas(twit_count);
<noscript>The following counts are dynamically populated by JavaScript. You can also directly visit the sources to find the counts at[pagename] and[accountname]</noscript>
Facebook fan count: <span id="fb_count"></span><br />
Twitter follower count: <span id="twitter_count"></span><br />
<br />
<em>You could put these spans in nice little badges or something...</em>

I rewrote this in PHP to avoid the javascript dependency.


dmolsen commented Nov 16, 2010

@sethadam1 thanks for letting me know :) I've also updated my blog post to link to your PHP code as well.

but facebook count is showing 0 ?


dmolsen commented Nov 6, 2011

@yashmistrey hrm, i just tested the gist as it is above and it works. what facebook page are you targeting?

Awesome! It works perfectly. Thanks for the code

jcranny commented Aug 3, 2012

See I find I prefer the javascript version cause you can fire it onload - where as the php version is great, but if there any lag on twitter or facebook, your site experiences it.

Any one able to get the twitter count working with API 1.1 ?

x85301 commented Nov 19, 2013

Twitter count shows nothing?

irfan16 commented Nov 23, 2013

hey hi,
Thanks for great post,
but twitter followers can't show i use API 1.1 but there is nothing any one help?

I like this script. As a web developer I have done a like checker website. I am using that there.


ghost commented Feb 1, 2014

Twitter for the script does not work, please fix it

Zeokat commented Mar 9, 2014

Zeokat thanks for the pirce of code, but as paulvilla said, Twitter part not works.


ghost commented Jun 17, 2014

This technique won't work with how Twitter has updated their API. You have to use OAuth or get crafty with a proxy.

enkhee commented Jun 23, 2014

Twitter API update please .. Don't work twitter

Not working, also getting error on toString method

Is there any way to get Facebook fan count with secure request i.e. without "https" request as you made in twitter request that starts with http not https?

the script is not working for me. Showing the count as 0 always.

v0ff4k commented Jul 15, 2017

both of this social network's API is updated. So this code is outdated !

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