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Use SOAP with dropwizard
package com.example.helloworld.resources;
import javax.jws.WebMethod;
name = "AddNumbersPortType",
serviceName = "AddNumbersService",
targetNamespace = "")
style = javax.jws.soap.SOAPBinding.Style.DOCUMENT,
use = javax.jws.soap.SOAPBinding.Use.LITERAL,
parameterStyle = javax.jws.soap.SOAPBinding.ParameterStyle.WRAPPED)
public class AddNumbersService {
public int Add(int a, int b) {
return a + b;
public class SoapBundle implements Bundle {
public void initialize(Environment environment) {
environment.addServlet(new, "/SOAP/*");
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

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@archanmishra archanmishra commented May 11, 2015

Can you please point me to resource/documentation on adding the jax-ws.xml to the dropwizard project.
Since I am getting WEB-INF/jax-ws.xml not found error on my app startup.


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@LipikaM LipikaM commented Mar 21, 2017

Its giving this error: /WEB-INF/sun-jaxws.xml missing. Can you help.


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@anchoo2kewl anchoo2kewl commented Jul 12, 2017

The missing "/WEB-INF/sun-jaxws.xml" is caused due to the WSServletContextListener trying to fetch the URL to sunJaxWsXml. Stepping through the code got me to the ContextHandler which checks the _baseResource value, which was never set when setting the servlet.
The most important bit is to set the resource base, without which the context would never find xml file, no matter where you place the file.

I am using dropwizard 0.7.1 and I add this to the run method of my Application class.

ServletEnvironment servlet = environment.servlets();
servlet.addServlet("/SOAP/*", new;

And then ensure /WEB-INF/sun-jaxws.xml exists in the root directory.

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