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Ceph Benchmarks

The tests

fio full write:

fio --name=writefile --size=100G --filesize=100G --filename=/dev/sdX --bs=1M --nrfiles=1 --direct=1 --sync=0 --randrepeat=0 --rw=write --refill_buffers --end_fsync=1 --iodepth=200 --ioengine=libaio

fio random read:

fio --time_based --name=benchmark --size=100G --runtime=30 --filename=/dev/sdX --ioengine=libaio --randrepeat=0 --iodepth=128 --direct=1 --invalidate=1 --verify=0 --verify_fatal=0 --numjobs=4 --rw=randread --blocksize=4k --group_reporting

fio random write:

fio --time_based --name=benchmark --size=100G --runtime=30 --filename=/dev/sdX --ioengine=libaio --randrepeat=0 --iodepth=128 --direct=1 --invalidate=1 --verify=0 --verify_fatal=0 --numjobs=4 --rw=randwrite --blocksize=4k --group_reporting

The results

Description fio full write fio random read fio random write
1x Intel P3700 400GB raw io=102400MB io=46874MB io=12323MB
bw=356306KB/s bw=1562.4MB/s bw=420533KB/s
iops=347 iops=399962 iops=105133
runt=294291msec runt=30002msec runt=30006msec
2x WD 1TB HW RAID-0 io=102400MB io=66832KB io=72444KB
w/ Writeback caching bw=262623KB/s bw=2185.6KB/s bw=2395.9KB/s
iops=256 iops=546 iops=598
runt=399271msec runt=30586msec runt=30247msec
Openstack VM io=163840MB io=258504KB io=181976KB
Backed by HW RAID-10 SSD bw=786872KB/s bw=8609.4KB/s bw=6059.9KB/s
local storage w/ Writeback iops=768 iops=2152 iops=1514
caching runt=213214msec runt=30026msec runt=30030msec
krbd with librbd io=102400MB io=1049.1MB io=259704KB
caching bw=341576KB/s bw=35478KB/s bw=5592.7KB/s
iops=333 iops=8869 iops=1398
runt=306982msec runt=30304msec runt=46437msec
krbd + LIO iscsi io=102400MB io=95092KB io=58096KB
bw=274826KB/s bw=3112.9KB/s bw=1890.9KB/s
iops=268 iops=778 iops=472
runt=381542msec runt=30548msec runt=30725msec
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