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Last active Apr 22, 2020
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Interesting videos on AI
======= (from 16:40 Hassabis on why DeepMind is unusual) (Shklyarov)
Higher education
================ (Clayton Christensen on disruption in higher ed)
General AI
========== (Shanahan) (Norvig on the future of CS) (Deep reinforcement learning overview) (Hassabis, "Power of self-learning systems" 2019) (Deep RL at NeurIPS, Vinyals) (IAS, Arora) (Karpathy, Tesla self-driving)
Program synthesis
================= (Tenenbaum on probabilistic programming MIT AGI) (Sutskever on general program learning MIT AGI) (Schmidhuber on RNNs and program learning) (Kavukcuoglu from 32:00 about programs) (Manning on reasoning and algebra) (Shanahan on symbolic Deep Reinforcement Learning) (Wayne on MERLIN, builds on NTM, DNC) (Russell on probabilistic programming and AI) (Tenenbaum on towards more human-like intelligence, see 17:48 for the "hard problem of learning" and search in function space) (Roy on conditional independence) (Meta-learning in brains and machines) (Szegedy on formal reasoning) (Manning on Transformer etc)
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