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The rough area at the moment is moduli of A-infinity structures in geometry.

  • Homological algebra, category theory
    • General category theory (Borceux, Mitchell, Stenstrom, Maclane-Moerdijk)
    • General homological algebra (Weibel, Hilton-Stammbach)
    • Hochschild homology and cohomology (Loday, Lipman)
    • Coalgebras (Sweedler)
    • Triangulated categories (Neeman)
    • Derived categories (Gelfand-Manin, Lipman, Huybrechts)
    • Differential graded categories
    • A-infinity categories (Seidel)
  • Algebraic geometry
    • Commutative algebra (Matsumura, Zariski-Samuel, Atiyah-Macdonald)
    • Algebraic geometry (Hartshorne, Eisenbud-Harris)
    • Sheaf theory (Maclane-Moerdijk)
    • Complex algebraic geometry (Gunning-Rossi?)
    • Singularity theory (Greuel-Shustin)
    • Matrix factorisations (Yoshino, Leuschke-Wiegand)
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