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Nando dnando

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http {
server {
listen 80;
server_name mysite.local www.mysite.local;
root C:\websites\mysite\www;
index index.cfm;
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<cfcomponent accessors="true">
<cfproperty name="uiDataSource" default="uiDataSource" />
public any function rt( required string label, string queryString, string frameworkAction, string lan = session.lan ) {
this function takes the label passed into it, hashes it, and looks it up in the structure variables.t ( generated by loadTerms() below )
if the term is not found in the user's language, arguments.label is rendered instead
note that labels are case sensitive because a unique hash is generated for every case variation of a given string
if the user has permission to edit the UI terms and arguments.queryString exists
the label is rendered as a link to usr.editTerm&th=#termHash#&or=#origin# ( if the hash of arguments.label exists )