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How to create a unittest for a "View" Mixin (Django Testing)
from django.test import TestCase, RequestFactory
from django.views.generic import TemplateView
from ..lib.views import YourMixin
class YourMixinTest(TestCase):
Tests context-data in a Django Mixin like a boss
class DummyView(YourMixin, TemplateView):
To test get_context_data we need a TemplateView child
template_name = 'any_template.html' # TemplateView requires this attribute
def setUp(self):
super(YourMixinTest, self).setUp()
self.request = RequestFactory().get('/fake-path')
# Setup request and view.
self.view = self.DummyView()
def test_context_data_no_args(self):
# Prepare initial params
kwargs = {}
# Launch Mixin's get_context_data
context = self.view.get_context_data(**kwargs)
# Your checkings here
self.assertEqual(context['name'], 'foo')
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