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Created September 14, 2011 22:45
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Hyperpublic Advert Example
"description":"default CPC payout"
"name":"Tuscany Square Ristorante",
"city":"New Castle",
"address":"3470 Wilmington Rd.",
"description":"A spaghetti noodle, much like a swimming-pool noodle, maintains its shape until it's exposed to boiling water or sat on by children. Savor pasta's forced flexibility with today's Groupon: for $12, you get $25 worth of Italian fare at Tuscany Square Ristorante in New Castle, PA.The chefs at Tuscany Square Ristorante recreate traditional Tuscan recipes, simmering savory sauces to ladle over a menu of pasta, steak, and seafood. Adept hands construct house-made lasagna, layering soft noodles between strata of bubbling homemade marinara and meat ($12.95). A 10-ounce slab of Choice sirloin ($16.95) ages for 30 days and debuts mature and ready to assume the responsibilities of pleasing a palate, filling a stomach, and refinancing a mortgage. Chefs drizzle the chicken piccata with white wine, capers, and a spritz of lemon ($14.95), and they coat a grilled salmon fillet in pepper-berry seasoning that, like a cheerleader, has an enthusiastic kick ($16.95). Diners can fill their bellies in the more-formal setting of the dining room or munch in the more laid-back lounge, which is equipped with a full bar and three flat-screen TVs to ensure patrons won't miss reruns of their favorite sports games.",
"title":"$25 Groupon to Tuscany Square Ristorante",
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