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Created August 25, 2010 02:32
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# If you post to a Ruby on Rails REST API endpoint, then you'll get an
# InvalidAuthenticityToken exception unless you set a different
# content type in the request headers, since any post from a form must
# contain an authenticity token.
# This example shows you how to post to a rails endpoint.
require 'json'
def post_to_endpoint(endpoint)
uri = URI.parse(endpoint)
post_params = {
:title => "2BR Apartment For Rent in NYC",
:description => "Great midtown west location. I love this place.",
:price => "1500",
:api_key => "my_api_key"
# Convert the parameters into JSON and set the content type as application/json
req =
req.body = JSON.generate(post_params)
req["Content-Type"] = "application/json"
http =, uri.port)
response = http.start {|htt| htt.request(req)}
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haaaaa, i use it to login redmine, to get login session cookie,

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you can also manually put the authentication tokens in the form submission request headers.

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