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AGE demo
load 'age';
SET search_path = ag_catalog, "$user", public;
create table if not exists history (year, event) as values (1996, 'postgresql'), (2016, 'agensgraph');
select drop_graph('g', true);
select create_graph('g');
select * from cypher('g', $$
create (:dev {name: 'someone', year: 2015})
$$) as (a agtype);
select * from cypher('g', $$
create (:dev {name: 'somebody', year: 2016})
$$) as (a agtype);
select n as name from history, cypher('g', $$
match (n:dev) return n.year
$$) as dev (n agtype)
-- where history.year > n::numeric
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