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T 1296470968 29* 29Le sujet de #symfony-cmf 29est : || || making it easier for developers to add CMS functionality to applications built with the Symfony2 PHP framework
T 1296470968 29* 29Sujet de #symfony-cmf 29défini par lsmith! 29le Wed Nov 17 14:30:08 2010
T 1296471086 18<lsmith> salut florian
T 1296471196 31<florian_klein>30 hello!
T 1296471322 18<Seldaek> hoy
T 1296471438 31<florian_klein>30 hoy :)
T 1296471692 18<dbu> hello
T 1296471766 31<florian_klein>30 Hi david
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T 1296570678 29* 29Le sujet de #symfony-cmf 29est : || || making it easier for developers to add CMS functionality to applications built with the Symfony2 PHP framework
T 1296570678 29* 29Sujet de #symfony-cmf 29défini par lsmith! 29le Wed Nov 17 14:30:08 2010
T 1296570691 31<florian_klein>30 hi all
T 1296570709 18<dbu> so i see two directions of actions: set up sandbox and start with proof of concept stuff
T 1296570726 18<dbu> the other thing is to define the core bundles and their tasks
T 1296570756 18<dbu> and identify areas we have to set up guidelines for cmf modules, for example how multilanguage content is to be handled
T 1296570780 18<dbu> i guess we should start with proof of concepts to avoid talking with too little knowledge
T 1296570790 18<jakuza> OK, fine.
T 1296570803 18<jakuza> the issues list is clear
T 1296570807 31<florian_klein>30 good idea
T 1296570827 18<dbu> lapistano is working in a team at liip doing a project with the phpcr
T 1296570850 18<dbu> maybe he can provide some input for the sandbox or even some experimental bundles
T 1296570912 18<dbu> about completing jackrabbit: that would of course be great. i will (finally) go over the jackalope jira so it becomes more visible what is really missing
T 1296570963 18<dbu> although i think that the doctrine phpcr modules work more or less as is, without all methods from phpcr being implemented. or am i wrong Seldaek ?
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T 1296571092 19* 19jmikola|w ( a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296571284 18<jakuza> I see your point dbu
T 1296571284 18<jakuza> We are also kickstarting a new project in ideato based on the CMF and we'd be eager for lapistano's input
T 1296571304 18<jakuza> and for a joint *real* effort on this.
T 1296571368 18<jakuza> On saturday one of our teammates will be in Liip for the hacking days
T 1296571399 18<dbu> jakuza: great. unfortunately, i can't be there, but lsmith is there for sure.
T 1296571422 18<lsmith> yeah
T 1296571438 18<lsmith> if i do not commit suicide over the symfony2 security layer before
T 1296571478 18<jakuza> I knew of lsmith from himself. I hope he survives the security layer though! :-)
T 1296571542 18<dbu> so do i!
T 1296571921 31<florian_klein>30 i'm just diving in it, i hope i'll not die drowned
T 1296571950 18<dbu> we will try to throw you a life jacket when you need one :-I
T 1296571964 31<florian_klein>30 ;)
T 1296572457 31<florian_klein>30 so, should we wait that lapistano commits a basic sandbox with basic bundles ?
T 1296572518 18<jakuza> key point
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T 1296572604 18* Seldaek reads backlog
T 1296572661 21<lsmith>21 florian_klein: lapistano is doing a workshop at a client today
T 1296572680 18<lsmith> Seldaek: sup .. feeling better?
T 1296572696 31<florian_klein>30 ok
T 1296572705 18<Seldaek> lsmith: yeah fever is down
T 1296572717 18<Seldaek> I still hate xml though :)
T 1296572782 18<Seldaek> jakuza: ok sounds good, I'll try to be there on saturday/sunday but I'm not sure yet if I can
T 1296572821 18<jakuza> well, I won't be able to get there this time :-(, but we'll send one of us, Michele.
T 1296572835 21<Seldaek>21 jakuza, florian_klein: I don't think lapistano is working on anything cmf related atm, so I wouldn't wait for that
T 1296572855 18<jakuza> that's relevant, at least
T 1296572867 18<Seldaek> as I told vjousse, someone just needs to start a sandbox project
T 1296572874 18<Seldaek> put the bundles from my repo in it
T 1296572878 31<florian_klein>30 ok
T 1296572882 18<Seldaek> and then get going
T 1296572887 18<jakuza> OK, we'll start coding ours then
T 1296572892 18<Seldaek> then from there others can fork & try shit
T 1296572898 18<Seldaek> just please don't duplicate efforts:)
T 1296572913 31<florian_klein>30 yeah, that's what i wanted to say
T 1296572919 18<jakuza> that's the main goal of this last minutes of chat
T 1296572942 18<jakuza> I wrote something about dup effort in the ml, yesterday
T 1296572956 18<jakuza> so, Florian
T 1296573006 18<jakuza> we could coordinate our effort, right?
T 1296573016 18<jakuza> if you are willing to
T 1296573029 31<florian_klein>30 yes
T 1296573032 31<florian_klein>30 :)
T 1296573096 31<florian_klein>30 so, jakuza, you're starting a new repo ?
T 1296573115 31<florian_klein>30 initiating a new sandbox
T 1296573140 31<florian_klein>30 with seldaek's DoctrinePHPCRBundle ?
T 1296573204 18<Seldaek> btw guys
T 1296573223 18<Seldaek> do you have access to ?
T 1296573229 18<Seldaek> I'd create the core sandbox there
T 1296573251 31<florian_klein>30 yeah could be a better idea than jakuza's one
T 1296573283 18<Seldaek> I can create the repo and grant you both (and whoever else is needed) access
T 1296573291 18<jakuza> I agree
T 1296573298 31<florian_klein>30 i'm not an organization member
T 1296573317 18<Seldaek> github usernames please:)
T 1296573325 31<florian_klein>30 docteurklein
T 1296573328 18<jakuza> jakuza is mine
T 1296573395 18<jakuza> please grant "cphp" and "micheleorselli" too. colleagues of mine.
T 1296573398 31<florian_klein>30 should we use the already existing ?
T 1296573443 21<Seldaek>21 florian_klein: I think that should contain clean stuff
T 1296573445 18<Seldaek> once it's done
T 1296573460 18<Seldaek> I just created as a playground
T 1296573467 31<florian_klein>30 ok
T 1296573472 18<jakuza> gut
T 1296573472 18<Seldaek> because we don't really know where we are going yet
T 1296573476 18<Seldaek> I think it makes sense maybe
T 1296573486 31<florian_klein>30 yes it's better
T 1296573497 18<jakuza> sounds right
T 1296573562 18<Seldaek> ok everyone should have access
T 1296573564 31<florian_klein>30 thanks, i've write access
T 1296573736 31<florian_klein>30 Seldaek, do you think we should start with DoctrinePHPCRBundle ?
T 1296573815 21<Seldaek>21 florian_klein: well, you need that bundle, and the phpcr-odm in vendors
T 1296573831 18<Seldaek> then you're good to go
T 1296573837 31<florian_klein>30 ok
T 1296573843 18<Seldaek> as far as ODM is concerned at least
T 1296573847 18<lsmith> jakuza: i can give you access to the cmf org on github
T 1296573849 21<lsmith>21 florian_klein too
T 1296573874 19* 19orso (~micheleor@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296573879 18<Seldaek> lsmith: it's done
T 1296573889 18<lsmith> ah cool
T 1296573891 31<florian_klein>30 yes it seems i'va access to all repos
T 1296573898 18<lsmith> awesome
T 1296573936 18<weaverryan> vjousse: I really like the idea of a symfony CMF sandbox btw
T 1296573948 18<lsmith> yeah .. seems like a must
T 1296573955 18<lsmith> so its good you guys are starting on this
T 1296574067 18<vjousse> great, we will be able to play a little bit ;)
T 1296574155 31<florian_klein>30 Seldaek, we could use your JackalopeBundle too. So what do you think personnaly ?
T 1296574181 21<Seldaek>21 florian_klein: nope, JackalopeBundle is irrelevant if you use the doctrine one
T 1296574186 18<Seldaek> it's sort of included
T 1296574203 18<Seldaek> and jackalope is included as submodule inside the phpcr-odm
T 1296574213 18<Seldaek> it's just a superset
T 1296574256 31<florian_klein>30 yes, so should we start with the high level ODM\PHPCR one ?
T 1296574265 18<jakuza> florian
T 1296574291 18<Seldaek> yup, start with ODM imo, you can still fetch the jackalope session from it anyway
T 1296574296 18<jakuza> the wisest choice is to make the cmf sit on top of the odm
T 1296574314 18<jakuza> we'd have all the layers available
T 1296574328 18<jakuza> and most of the time we'll just need the upper one: odm
T 1296574352 31<florian_klein>30 seldaek jakuza, thanks
T 1296574368 31<florian_klein>30 that's what i thought too, but wanted to be sure
T 1296574389 18<cphp> hello
T 1296574394 18<Seldaek> hey
T 1296574408 18<cphp> thank you very much for the access to the symfony-cmf repositories
T 1296574429 18<jakuza> florian, will you be available on Friday for a skype session?
T 1296574437 18<Seldaek> cphp: sorry about your pull request, I will merge it but didn't want to break our current project using it and now I was sick for two days .. I'll try to fix something up before next week
T 1296574469 18<jakuza> florian: we could start coding together by Friday, if you are willing to
T 1296574472 18<cphp> seldaek: ok thanks
T 1296574523 31<florian_klein>30 yes
T 1296574549 31<florian_klein>30 mh, i need to verify my availability
T 1296574662 31<florian_klein>30 ok i'm in
T 1296574674 31<florian_klein>30 how could we proceed for skype
T 1296574683 31<florian_klein>30 jakuza ?
T 1296574801 31<florian_klein>30 my id: docteurklein
T 1296574893 18* jakuza reading backwards to get up to date
T 1296574929 18<jakuza> ok, got it. let me add you. we can sync with no hassle for the rest of the chat
T 1296575909 18<jakuza> OK, just to keep the crew up to date: on Friday at 10am we'll be having a skype call to kickoff the sandbox. AFAIK attending: Florian, me. Anybody here is invited. Ciao, see you soon.
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T 1296576189 18<Seldaek> jakuza: ok, won't be available unfortunately this week
T 1296576196 18<Seldaek> but next time I'll try
T 1296576216 18<Seldaek> just feel free to post a summary of whatever you are doing or plan to do on the ml
T 1296576355 19* 19ornicar (~ornicar@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296576517 18<dbu> jakuza: can you add me to that chat on friday? skype id is buchmandli
T 1296576530 18<dbu> oh, are you all european? or are we talking 10am for US?
T 1296576547 18<jakuza> 10:00 CET (+1)
T 1296576558 18<dbu> great :-)
T 1296576712 18<dbu> we will have a liip-hackday on the 10th and try to do some proof of concept if the sandbox is already available by then, otherwise we work on the sandbox
T 1296576846 23* 23t9k est parti (23Quit: t9k23)
T 1296577359 18<dbu> jakuza: about xpath
T 1296577370 18<dbu> you mean xpath search? that is JSR170 only, the new version does not support xpath for searching anymore.
T 1296577421 18<dbu> that is, its not mandatory and apparently implementers seem to have hated the xpath resolving in their implementations
T 1296577436 18<jakuza> OK. updated info by now.
T 1296577476 18<dbu> jackrabbit supports it though, and according to david nüscheler from day will probably keep that. but if we ever go native php for the backend, we would have to implement that as well, which is probably ... hard.
T 1296577499 18<jakuza> I see
T 1296578210 19* 19Garfield-fr (~Garfield-@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296578348 31<florian_klein>30 @all do you have some good tutorials to get a local jackrabbit running ?
T 1296578374 18<chregu> download the standalone thingie, start it, done :)
T 1296578392 21<lsmith>21 florian_klein: there is a how to in the cmf wiki
T 1296578418 21<lsmith>21 florian_klein:
T 1296578424 31<florian_klein>30 thanks a lot
T 1296578433 31<florian_klein>30 i should hav saw it
T 1296578445 18<chregu> it's also in the readme of
T 1296578460 31<florian_klein>30 ok this part is done
T 1296578476 31<florian_klein>30 i should reformulate
T 1296578492 31<florian_klein>30 i wanted to have the phpcrbrowser working
T 1296578502 31<florian_klein>30 it's totally different
T 1296578573 18<chregu> did you read the readme there?
T 1296578592 18<lsmith> chregu: could you maybe add a link to the brower in the cmf wiki>
T 1296578593 18<lsmith> ?
T 1296578603 31<florian_klein>30 i'm reading it
T 1296578621 18<chregu> lsmith: I will, tomorrow :)
T 1296578623 23* 23ornicar est parti (23Quit: WeeChat 0.3.423)
T 1296578788 21<chregu>21 florian_klein: make sure .htaccess is allowed and mod_rewrite works
T 1296578831 18<chregu> I have to leave right now, if you have any questions, I'll be back tomorrow or write a mail to the mailinglist
T 1296578855 31<florian_klein>30 ojk
T 1296578856 31<florian_klein>30 ok
T 1296578888 31<florian_klein>30 i think it comes from my phpcrbrwoser/config/config.d/default.yml
T 1296578948 18<chregu> it's not written in symfony, btw
T 1296578956 31<florian_klein>30 yeah i noticed
T 1296579057 31<florian_klein>30 no pb, i'll try to find what's wrong
T 1296579068 31<florian_klein>30 if not i will post on ml
T 1296579265 18<jakuza> BTW if you need some way to check what happens after some operation in the SF context on your content repo, you can use the jackrabbit web server, usually run on port 8080
T 1296579349 23* 23dan_liip est parti (23Remote host closed the connection23)
T 1296579357 31<florian_klein>30 yeah it came from that
T 1296579429 31<florian_klein>30 jackrabbit's jetty was searching for a file named jackrabbit-standalone.jar
T 1296579441 31<florian_klein>30 so a simple "mv jackrabbit-standalone-2.2.2.jar jackrabbit-standalone.jar" did the trick :)
T 1296579488 31<florian_klein>30 this post helped me to find the solution:
T 1296579505 31<florian_klein>30 but a simple check of the logs would have made me tock
T 1296579507 31<florian_klein>30 tick
T 1296579516 31<florian_klein>30 nevermind
T 1296579598 19* 19ornicar (~ornicar@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
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T 1296579726 19* 19ornicar (~ornicar@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296579870 31<florian_klein>30 hi ornicar
T 1296579900 18<ornicar> hi
T 1296579903 18<ornicar> brb
T 1296579906 23* 23ornicar est parti (23Client Quit23)
T 1296579911 31<florian_klein>30 connexions pb ?
T 1296579933 19* 19ornicar (~ornicar@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296579938 31<florian_klein>30 anyway it works well no
T 1296579939 31<florian_klein>30 w
T 1296579942 18<ornicar> yep
T 1296579948 31<florian_klein>30 ornicar connections pb ?
T 1296579950 18<ornicar> what's up?
T 1296579953 31<florian_klein>30 fine !
T 1296579960 31<florian_klein>30 and you ?
T 1296579964 18<ornicar> nope, I was trying tmux so I opened weechat inside
T 1296579968 18<ornicar> back to screen now
T 1296579976 31<florian_klein>30 ha screen
T 1296579993 18<ornicar> yeah, I'm about to switch to tmux
T 1296580001 18<ornicar> looks less deprecated
T 1296580006 31<florian_klein>30 everything's fine in san Fransisco ?
T 1296580037 18<ornicar> yeah!
T 1296580049 31<florian_klein>30 lucky guy
T 1296580073 18<ornicar> the sf live happens 300m far from where I live
T 1296580083 31<florian_klein>30 haha
T 1296580096 18<ornicar> in microsoft office :-/
T 1296580123 31<florian_klein>30 so I think you will participate to the hacking days? ( even if it's Microsoft powered?)
T 1296580139 18<ornicar> sure
T 1296580155 31<florian_klein>30 haha microsoft powered
T 1296580213 31<florian_klein>30 i you have the possibility to tell the authors of the Security layer to simplify it, don't hesitate ;-)
T 1296580216 23* 23lsmith est parti (23Quit: Leaving...23)
T 1296580245 18<ornicar> I'll tell fabien you find it too complex
T 1296580269 31<florian_klein>30 thanks :) and joannes too
T 1296580320 31<florian_klein>30 did you have the time time to test it ?
T 1296580380 18<ornicar> yeah I ported to use it
T 1296580434 23* 23bschussek ( a quitté #symfony-cmf
T 1296580463 31<florian_klein>30 i have some problems on complex ACL entries
T 1296580468 31<florian_klein>30 this make me mad
T 1296580532 18<ornicar> ah I didn't use ACL yet
T 1296580543 18<ornicar> will do today probably
T 1296580553 31<florian_klein>30 good luck :)
T 1296580583 31<florian_klein>30 quote from lsmith: "if i do not commit suicide over the symfony2 security layer before"
T 1296580590 31<florian_klein>30 :)
T 1296580783 21<johanness>21 florian_klein, do you have some examples of what is too complex? :)
T 1296580803 31<florian_klein>30 hi johannes :)
T 1296580812 31<florian_klein>30 glad to see you
T 1296580832 31<florian_klein>30 Indeed, I wanted to ask you some things
T 1296580898 23* 23cphp est parti (23Quit: cphp23)
T 1296580902 18<johanness> fire away ;)
T 1296580908 31<florian_klein>30 I'm creating a gist
T 1296580990 19* 19olegzinchenko (4e891d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip. a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296580990 18<ornicar> hey, cool, I'll record this conversation, that will help me today :)
T 1296580994 18<ornicar> come one guys!
T 1296581012 18<olegzinchenko> Thi, I am here
T 1296581022 31<florian_klein>30
T 1296581023 18<ornicar> nice :)
T 1296581035 31<florian_klein>30 ornicar, i told you: lucky guy
T 1296581085 31<florian_klein>30 so basically, I'm trying to create a RoleSecurityIdentity on a Fos\User entity
T 1296581151 31<florian_klein>30 when I access my application with a admin user ( which should have the ROLE_ADMIN ), the securityContext->vote('ROLE_ADMIN') returns me FALSE
T 1296581164 23* 23dbu est parti (23Remote host closed the connection23)
T 1296581176 31<florian_klein>30 johannes any ideas ? ( I hope i'm clear )
T 1296581272 18<ornicar> is your user enabled, not expired...?
T 1296581275 21<johanness>21 florian_klein, i think you have misunderstood the concept, right now you grant ROLE_ADMIN access to a user object, but it seems what you actually want is to add ROLE_ADMIN to the user object
T 1296581342 31<florian_klein>30 sorry what is the difference ? my vocabulary is too bad maybe
T 1296581369 18<johanness> you want sth like this $user->addRole('ROLE_ADMIN') right?
T 1296581371 19* 19cphp ( a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296581379 31<florian_klein>30 yeah
T 1296581403 18<johanness> but what you're doing is more like this $role->allowAccessTo($user)
T 1296581427 23* 23lapistano est parti (23Excess Flood23)
T 1296581433 31<florian_klein>30 ok my bad !
T 1296581446 18<johanness> we have some examples in the Userbundle
T 1296581447 19* 19lapistano ( a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296581609 19* 19pgodel_work ( a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296581628 31<florian_klein>30 the only thing i saw about ACL in UserBundle is
T 1296581659 31<florian_klein>30 i surely missed smthg
T 1296581764 21<johanness>21 florian_klein, ACL is used to manage which objects a user/role has access to, but not to manage which roles a user has
T 1296581773 18<johanness> that is done for example by the UserBundle
T 1296581803 31<florian_klein>30 so if I understand well, it is to the AdvancedAccountInterface to provide the roles to the decisionManager ?
T 1296581839 21<johanness>21 florian_klein, yeah exactly, the roles come from whatever class implements this interface
T 1296581845 31<florian_klein>30 so if I persist the roles of my user by using FosUserBundle\Model\User::addRole , it will work ?
T 1296581853 21<johanness>21 florian_klein, yes
T 1296581857 31<florian_klein>30 oh my bad
T 1296581939 31<florian_klein>30 the following link made me think I shouldn't use the entity API:
T 1296581961 31<florian_klein>30 ( ie : getRoles, addRole, ... )
T 1296581962 23* 23jakuza est parti (23Quit: Leaving.23)
T 1296581970 31<florian_klein>30 but I just shouldn't use hasRole
T 1296581986 31<florian_klein>30 the rest is correctly handled
T 1296582003 31<florian_klein>30 thanks johannes ! :-)
T 1296582090 23* 23orso est parti (23Quit: orso23)
T 1296582234 22* fabian s'appelle maintenant fabian_away
T 1296582269 23* 23ornicar est parti (23Quit: WeeChat 0.3.423)
T 1296582471 31<florian_klein>30 johannes: you saved my day
T 1296582480 31<florian_klein>30 i wanted you to know it :-)
T 1296582801 19* 19ornicar (~ornicar@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296583066 23* 23ornicar est parti (23Read error: Connection reset by peer23)
T 1296583069 19* 19ornicar_ (~ornicar@ a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296583098 19* 19beberlei ( a rejoint #symfony-cmf
T 1296583549 21<johanness>21 florian_klein, hehe, you're welcome. if you have more suggestions, just keep them coming
T 1296583580 31<florian_klein>30 for sure, if I have some, i'll do :)
T 1296583597 22* ornicar_ s'appelle maintenant ornicar
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