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Just saw this thread and I had just recommended SUMO to some dude thinking about mining Crytonight w/ his Vega. Posting my reply to him when he asked why he should mine SUMO over Monero:
No legacy of traceable transactions as RingCT w/ minimum ringsize of 12(+1) was implemented since day one. This means that no transaction made on the Sumokoin blockchain can ever be traced back to its participants unlike Monero which implemented RingCT at a later point.
SUMO just implemented sub-addresses which allow you to do your business without every exposing your master wallet address to anyone. It's only been around for a few months and they accomplished implementing this with only FOUR (very talented) devs. Monero only recently implemented sub-addresses themselves with a much much larger dev team. If there's anything that gives me confidence that SUMO is going to be a big thing in the future, it's this. Their dev team may be small but they punch way out of their weight class. Also, there is a premine which will unlock coins at various points in the future that will be used for marketing and to hire more devs as SUMO grows. I know folks tend to frown at premines but IMO this is very smart forward-thinking by the devs. Also, the devs have a clear roadmap (found on their website) and so far, they’ve hit all of their milestones successfully.
From a mining perspective, they are super miner friendly. They have an easy to use dedicated mining application but they are also compatible with all of the well-known Cryptonight miners (CAST, STAK, etc.).
They're also botnet mining resistant which is really important. When a botnet mining "attack" happens on a pool, the difficulty algorithm adjusts higher which discourages the botnet from lingering too long. This is because the botnets are all pretty much automated just looking for the coin with the best profitability. Once the profitability calculation is not ideal (due to the automatically adjusted difficulty), the botnet will leave the pool. Then the algorithm will adjust back to a more profitable difficulty level and the normal miners go back to making good money. To my knowledge, no other coin has this feature.
Anyway, no pressure or anything. When I started mining with my Vega rig, I started with Monero but then eventually found SUMO and recognized how much potential there was and no I mine SUMO exclusively. Don’t expect big payouts to come in the near-term though. It’s going to take time for the word to get out and its popularity to grow. It’s really small cap now so this is the time to get in because in 2-3 years, this is going to give HUGE pay back (think Monero asymmetrical returns or higher).
Bonus tips: 1) Two of the members of their dev team are Japanese (actually from Japan), so maybe, just maybe, Japan will pick up on this and “adopt” SUMO as their Monero. Did you see what happened to Monacoin when the Japanese found out it was a local, hometown hero? =P
2) I've come to learn that SUMO has an AMAZING community. They're really positive and supportive of the growth of the project and the devs. Community is critical when it comes to how a successful project grows and becomes more profitable for all.
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