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doggy8088/Module1.vba Secret

Created Sep 16, 2018
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Function GetItemSize(value As String, Optional separator As String = ",")
Dim DedupeArray As Variant
DedupeArray = RemoveDupes(Split(value, separator))
GetItemSize = UBound(DedupeArray) - LBound(DedupeArray)
End Function
Function RemoveDupStrings(value As String, Optional separator As String = ",")
RemoveDupStrings = Join(RemoveDupes(Split(value, separator)), separator)
End Function
Function RemoveDupes(InputArray) As Variant
Dim OutputArray As Variant
Dim CurrentValue As Variant
Dim A As Variant
On Error Resume Next
OutputArray = Array("")
For Each CurrentValue In InputArray
CurrentValue = Trim(CurrentValue)
Flag = 0
If IsEmpty(CurrentValue) Then GoTo skip
For Each A In OutputArray
If A = CurrentValue Then
Flag = 1
Exit For
End If
Next A
If Flag = 0 Then
ReDim Preserve OutputArray(UBound(OutputArray, 1) + 1)
OutputArray(UBound(OutputArray, 1) - 1) = CurrentValue
End If
RemoveDupes = OutputArray
End Function
Public Function GetString(ByVal cell As Range) As String
GetString = cell.value & ""
End Function
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