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Giving is a reward in itself

Will 保哥 doggy8088

Giving is a reward in itself
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Neo23x0 /
Last active June 24, 2024 22:11
Log4j RCE CVE-2021-44228 Exploitation Detection

log4j RCE Exploitation Detection

You can use these commands and rules to search for exploitation attempts against log4j RCE vulnerability CVE-2021-44228

Grep / Zgrep

This command searches for exploitation attempts in uncompressed files in folder /var/log and all sub folders

sudo egrep -I -i -r '\$(\{|%7B)jndi:(ldap[s]?|rmi|dns|nis|iiop|corba|nds|http):/[^\n]+' /var/log
davidfowl /
Last active July 19, 2024 22:48
.NET 6 ASP.NET Core Migration
daehahn / wsl2-network.ps1
Last active June 25, 2024 15:53
# WSL2 network port forwarding script v1
# for enable script, 'Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope CurrentUser' in Powershell,
# for delete exist rules and ports use 'delete' as parameter, for show ports use 'list' as parameter.
# written by Daehyuk Ahn, Aug-1-2020
# Display all portproxy information
If ($Args[0] -eq "list") {
netsh interface portproxy show v4tov4;
richardszalay / Win10-16257-Console-Colors.reg
Created August 3, 2017 04:43
Applies the default console colors added in Windows 10 16256 ( to older versions of Windows
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
doggy8088 / Angular 18 Dev
Last active July 9, 2024 07:17
Angular 18 開發環境說明

Angular 18 開發環境說明

為了能讓大家能夠順利的建立起 Angular 18 開發環境,以下是需要安裝的相關軟體與安裝步驟與說明。

Angular LOGO

[ 作業系統 ]

  • Windows 10 以上版本
  • Mac OS X 10.6 以上版本
fntlnz /
Last active July 15, 2024 09:31
Self Signed Certificate with Custom Root CA

Create Root CA (Done once)

Create Root Key

Attention: this is the key used to sign the certificate requests, anyone holding this can sign certificates on your behalf. So keep it in a safe place!

openssl genrsa -des3 -out rootCA.key 4096
davidebbo / AzureAutoSettings.cs
Created September 13, 2015 21:42
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Configuration;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Web;
[assembly: PreApplicationStartMethod(typeof(EnvSettings.SettingsProcessor), "Start")]
namespace EnvSettings
dinowang / Order.cs
Last active November 13, 2019 03:08
ASP.NET MVC QueryOption<T> implementation. depend on PagedList, PagedList.Mvc.
public enum Order