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Jedi MCU

Jedi/Banana Info



  • AK8CUHZCT1: JDM-001, JDM-020(?, uses similar BT module)
  • AK8CUHZCT1F1: JDM-011(D2?)
  • AK8CUHZCT1A: JDM-030
  • AK8CUHZCT2: JDM-040
  • AK8CUHZCT2A: JDM-050
  • AK8CFIZCT1 (Banana): BDM-010

Model number

  • CUH-ZCT1x: JDM-001 - JDM-030
  • CUH-ZCT2x: JDM-004 - JDM-055
  • CFI-ZCT1x (Banana): BDM-010 - ?


  • JDM-001: Fujitsu/Cypress FM3 with custom labeling (MB9BF002A) CM3
  • JDM-011: Fujitsu/Cypress FM3 with custom labeling (MB9BF002A) CM3
  • JDM-020: Freescale Kinetis K24F (MK24FN1M0V12) CM4
  • JDM-030: Sapnsion/Cypress FM4? (S6E2001G0A) CM4?
  • JDM-040: Spansion/Cypress FM4? (S6E2001F0A) CM4?
  • JDM-050: Mediatek Custom? (MT3610N) CM4F??
  • JDM-055: Mediatek Custom? (MT3610N) CM4F??
  • BDM-010 (Banana): Mediatek Custom? (MT3616ECT aka CXD90064GG) CM4F???



PSDevWiki (BDM)

PCB Photos

Some weird version (DVT unit?) of BDM-010 found on Xianyu (has the (R10) suffix but PCB looks almost identical)

HW vuln on FM3 for flash RP bypass

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