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def from_crawler(cls, crawler, *args, **kwargs):
"""Register to receive the idle event"""
spider = super(SecureSosStateOrUsSpider, cls).from_crawler(
crawler, *args, **kwargs
crawler.signals.connect(spider.spider_idle, signal=signals.spider_idle)
return spider
def spider_idle(self, spider):
"""Schedule a simple request in order to return the collected data"""
if self.data_submitted:
# This is a hack: I don't yet know how to schedule a request to just
# submit data _without_ also triggering a scrape. So I provide a URL
# to a simple site that we're going to ignore.
null_request = scrapy.Request("", callback=self.submit_data)
self.crawler.engine.schedule(null_request, spider)
raise scrapy.exceptions.DontCloseSpider
def submit_data(self, _):
"""Simply return the collection of all the scraped data. Ignore the actual
scraped content. I haven't figured out another way to submit the merged
To be used as a callback when the spider is idle (i.e., has finished scraping.)
self.data_submitted = True
return self.sportsInventory
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