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Created June 26, 2019 20:37
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class deprecated(object):
"""A decorator to mark callables as deprecated.
This decorator logs a deprecation message when the callable it decorates is
used and modify's the callable's docstring. The message will include the
release where the callable was deprecated.
1. Specifying the required deprecated release
>>> @deprecated(as_of="June 22, 2018")
... def a(): pass
2. Specifying a replacement:
>>> @deprecated(as_of="v3.5.2", in_favor_of='f()')
... def b(): pass
_deprecated_msg_with_alternative = _(
'%(what)s is deprecated as of %(as_of)s in favor of %(in_favor_of)s.')
_deprecated_msg_with_no_alternative = _(
'%(what)s is deprecated as of %(as_of)s. It will not be superseded.')
def __init__(self, as_of, in_favor_of=None, remove_in=2, what=None, kwarg=False):
"""Initialize decorator
:param as_of: the release deprecating the callable.
:param in_favor_of: the replacement for the callable (optional)
:param remove_in: an integer specifying how many releases to wait
before removing (default: 2)
:param what: name of the thing being deprecated (default: the
callable's name)
:param kwarg: true if the thing being deprecated is a kwarg (default: false)
self.as_of = as_of
self.in_favor_of = in_favor_of
self.remove_in = remove_in
self.what = what
self.kwarg = kwarg
def __call__(self, func_or_cls):
if not self.what:
self.what = func_or_cls.__name__ + '()'
msg, details = self._build_message()
# Append to the callable's docstr.
func_or_cls.__doc__ += msg
if inspect.isfunction(func_or_cls):
def wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
if self.kwarg and self.what in kwargs:
report_deprecated_feature(LOG, msg, details)
return func_or_cls(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapped
elif inspect.isclass(func_or_cls):
orig_init = func_or_cls.__init__
# TODO(tsufiev): change `functools` module to `six` as
# soon as six 1.7.4 (with fix for passing `assigned`
# argument to underlying `functools.wraps`) is released
# and added to the oslo-incubator requrements
@functools.wraps(orig_init, assigned=('__name__', '__doc__'))
def new_init(self, *args, **kwargs):
report_deprecated_feature(LOG, msg, details)
orig_init(self, *args, **kwargs)
func_or_cls.__init__ = new_init
return func_or_cls
raise TypeError('deprecated can be used only with functions or '
def _build_message(self):
details = dict(what=self.what,
if self.in_favor_of:
details['in_favor_of'] = self.in_favor_of
msg = self._deprecated_msg_with_alternative
msg = self._deprecated_msg_with_no_alternative
return msg, details
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