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interface PermissionStatus : EventTarget {
readonly attribute PermissionState status;
attribute EventHandler onchange;
interface Permissions {
readonly attribute GeolocationPermission geolocation;
readonly attribute MidiPermission midi;
readonly attribute NotificationsPermission notifications;
readonly attribute PushPermission push;
// Geolocation
interface GeolocationPermission {
Promise<PermissionStatus> query();
// Midi
dictionary MidiPermissionOptions {
boolean sysex = false;
interface MidiPermission {
Promise<PermissionStatus> query(optional MidiPermissionOptions options);
// Notifications
interface NotificationsPermission {
Promise<PermissionStatus> query();
// Push
dictionary PushPermissionOptions {
boolean userVisible = false;
interface PushPermission {
Promise<PermissionStatus> query(optional PushPermissionOptions options);
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