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Last active December 17, 2015 00:59
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Bluetooth Low Energy CRC based on a LUT (probably inefficient, I worked this out on a piece of paper).
u32 btle_crc_lut[256] = {
0x000000, 0x01b4c0, 0x036980, 0x02dd40, 0x06d300, 0x0767c0, 0x05ba80, 0x040e40,
0x0da600, 0x0c12c0, 0x0ecf80, 0x0f7b40, 0x0b7500, 0x0ac1c0, 0x081c80, 0x09a840,
0x1b4c00, 0x1af8c0, 0x182580, 0x199140, 0x1d9f00, 0x1c2bc0, 0x1ef680, 0x1f4240,
0x16ea00, 0x175ec0, 0x158380, 0x143740, 0x103900, 0x118dc0, 0x135080, 0x12e440,
0x369800, 0x372cc0, 0x35f180, 0x344540, 0x304b00, 0x31ffc0, 0x332280, 0x329640,
0x3b3e00, 0x3a8ac0, 0x385780, 0x39e340, 0x3ded00, 0x3c59c0, 0x3e8480, 0x3f3040,
0x2dd400, 0x2c60c0, 0x2ebd80, 0x2f0940, 0x2b0700, 0x2ab3c0, 0x286e80, 0x29da40,
0x207200, 0x21c6c0, 0x231b80, 0x22af40, 0x26a100, 0x2715c0, 0x25c880, 0x247c40,
0x6d3000, 0x6c84c0, 0x6e5980, 0x6fed40, 0x6be300, 0x6a57c0, 0x688a80, 0x693e40,
0x609600, 0x6122c0, 0x63ff80, 0x624b40, 0x664500, 0x67f1c0, 0x652c80, 0x649840,
0x767c00, 0x77c8c0, 0x751580, 0x74a140, 0x70af00, 0x711bc0, 0x73c680, 0x727240,
0x7bda00, 0x7a6ec0, 0x78b380, 0x790740, 0x7d0900, 0x7cbdc0, 0x7e6080, 0x7fd440,
0x5ba800, 0x5a1cc0, 0x58c180, 0x597540, 0x5d7b00, 0x5ccfc0, 0x5e1280, 0x5fa640,
0x560e00, 0x57bac0, 0x556780, 0x54d340, 0x50dd00, 0x5169c0, 0x53b480, 0x520040,
0x40e400, 0x4150c0, 0x438d80, 0x423940, 0x463700, 0x4783c0, 0x455e80, 0x44ea40,
0x4d4200, 0x4cf6c0, 0x4e2b80, 0x4f9f40, 0x4b9100, 0x4a25c0, 0x48f880, 0x494c40,
0xda6000, 0xdbd4c0, 0xd90980, 0xd8bd40, 0xdcb300, 0xdd07c0, 0xdfda80, 0xde6e40,
0xd7c600, 0xd672c0, 0xd4af80, 0xd51b40, 0xd11500, 0xd0a1c0, 0xd27c80, 0xd3c840,
0xc12c00, 0xc098c0, 0xc24580, 0xc3f140, 0xc7ff00, 0xc64bc0, 0xc49680, 0xc52240,
0xcc8a00, 0xcd3ec0, 0xcfe380, 0xce5740, 0xca5900, 0xcbedc0, 0xc93080, 0xc88440,
0xecf800, 0xed4cc0, 0xef9180, 0xee2540, 0xea2b00, 0xeb9fc0, 0xe94280, 0xe8f640,
0xe15e00, 0xe0eac0, 0xe23780, 0xe38340, 0xe78d00, 0xe639c0, 0xe4e480, 0xe55040,
0xf7b400, 0xf600c0, 0xf4dd80, 0xf56940, 0xf16700, 0xf0d3c0, 0xf20e80, 0xf3ba40,
0xfa1200, 0xfba6c0, 0xf97b80, 0xf8cf40, 0xfcc100, 0xfd75c0, 0xffa880, 0xfe1c40,
0xb75000, 0xb6e4c0, 0xb43980, 0xb58d40, 0xb18300, 0xb037c0, 0xb2ea80, 0xb35e40,
0xbaf600, 0xbb42c0, 0xb99f80, 0xb82b40, 0xbc2500, 0xbd91c0, 0xbf4c80, 0xbef840,
0xac1c00, 0xada8c0, 0xaf7580, 0xaec140, 0xaacf00, 0xab7bc0, 0xa9a680, 0xa81240,
0xa1ba00, 0xa00ec0, 0xa2d380, 0xa36740, 0xa76900, 0xa6ddc0, 0xa40080, 0xa5b440,
0x81c800, 0x807cc0, 0x82a180, 0x831540, 0x871b00, 0x86afc0, 0x847280, 0x85c640,
0x8c6e00, 0x8ddac0, 0x8f0780, 0x8eb340, 0x8abd00, 0x8b09c0, 0x89d480, 0x886040,
0x9a8400, 0x9b30c0, 0x99ed80, 0x985940, 0x9c5700, 0x9de3c0, 0x9f3e80, 0x9e8a40,
0x972200, 0x9696c0, 0x944b80, 0x95ff40, 0x91f100, 0x9045c0, 0x929880, 0x932c40
/* CRCInit, pointer to start of packet, length of packet in bytes */
u32 btle_crcgen_lut(u32 crc_init, char *data, int len)
u32 state;
int i;
u8 key;
state = crc_init;
for (i = 0; i < len; ++i) {
key = data[i] ^ (state & 0xff);
state = (state >> 8) ^ btle_crc_lut[key];
return state;
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