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3D Scatter demo with Plotrb
require 'plotrb'
values = []
for x in -5..5
for z in -5..5
values.push({x: x, y: (x*x+z*z)/5, z: z})
data ='data').values(values)
mark = rect_mark.from(data)
vis = visualization.width(500).height(500) do
padding top: 10, left: 30, bottom: 30, right: 10
data data
marks mark
enable :Plot3D

3D Scatter demo with Plotrb

alt text

Plotrb render 3D scatter like above (rendered function: y=x*x+z*z).
You can rotate and zoom it with your mouse.
My work is based on hlvoorhees's scatter plot demo. (gist here)

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