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Set JW Environment variables
# !/bin/bash
# This has two assumptions
# 1. Virtual environment set up in ~/venv/{project-name}
# 2. Configuration for configuration set up in ~/salt/{project-name}
# Given the name of the project as parameter
# $jwenv mini-batch
function project_name {
if [ -z $1 ];
project=`basename $PWD`;
echo $project
function jwenv {
local project=$(project_name)
source ~/venv/$project/bin/activate
export PYENV_BASE=~/venv/$project/
export JWAPP_CONFD=~/salt/$project/
export JWAPP_ROOT=$here
export JWAPP_LOG=$here/logs/
export JWAPP_ENV=local
export JWAPP_VAR=$here/var/
export PYTHONPATH=$here
export BOTO_CONFIG=$here/boto.cfg
export LUIGI_CONFIG_PATH=$here/conf.d/luigi.cfg
echo "JWAPP and PYTHONPATH variables set."
function jwenv_init3 {
local project=$(project_name)
jwenv_init $project 3.5
function jwenv_init2 {
local project=$(project_name)
jwenv_init $project 2.7.10
function jwenv_init {
virtualenv --python=python$2 ~/venv/$1/
mkdir -p ~/salt/$1/
source ~/venv/$1/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -U -r requirements.txt
print "Virtualenv setup"
jwenv $1
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