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donnlee / gist:00d9bcd7a6b1c5e761be3714d2c1c61a
Created September 14, 2020 20:44
Clean-up Unifi controller bogus MAC addresses
# In my particular case, there are bogus MACs that all end in "42:42:d7:59" (var SUFFIX_OF_SPAM)
# This script gets rid of those, but saves MACs in SAVE_THESE.
# Create py virenv for unifi deps & activate it, then inside the virenv:
# pip3 install pyunifi
# Remove/"forget" an array of MACs, written in ruby:
# Manager is 'stamgr' (station manager?)
<Plugin "write_http">
<Node "example">
URL ""
User "collectd"
Password "weCh3ik0"